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Organizations which speak french?

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French is the official language for diplomacy.

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How do you say to speak in French?

Speak ( in English) - parler( In French )

How to say speak french?

Speak french

What languges do people speak in Paris?

french people speak french but they don't only have to speak french.

Why does camroonians speak french?

yes they do speak french.

Does Geneva speak French?

Yes, they speak French.

How do you pronounce speak in French?

To speak is "parler" in French.

How do you say in French We Speak French?

English: We speak french French: Nous parlons français

How do the French speak French?

how did you learn your own language? that's how they learn french, so how do you speak English? That's how frence speak french?

Why do French speak a different language?

French do not speak a different language: they all or nearly all speak French. The people who do not speak French, are the ones using a different language.

Sorry, I mean Are there people in Africa that speak french?

People from Africa could speak French I mean what if people who speak French moved to Africa they would speak French and still be in Africa

Do people in French Guiana speak French?

Yes in French Guiana they speak French and French Guiana Creole.

Where in South America do they speak French?

They speak French in Guyana

Does monacc speak French?

people speak french in Monaco

Does she speak French?

No she doesn't speak french. You need lessons!

How do you say do you speak french in english?

Translation: Do you speak French?

How do you say speak in french?

Speak = Parle (in french)

How do you learn to speak French?

You can learn to speak French in college or in a French school. Also in France.from a teacherspeak = parler

Why do people in Syria speak French?

People in Syria speak French because Syria was a French colony and they learned how to speak both Arabic and French.

How do you say you speak French in French?

Tu parles français- you speak FrenchJe parle français- I speak FrenchParlez vous francais?

What percentage of people in French Guiana speak French?

78.6% of the people in French Guiana speak French...

Do immigrants speak french in Quebec?

Immigrants from French speaking countries speak French.

Are you french if you speak Italian?

You can be French and speak Italian, but speaking Italian does not mean you are French.

Why does Guyana speak french?

Guyana does not speak French. You are likely thinking of French Guiana.

Does kelsey grammar speak fluent french?

yes kelsey does speak fluent french yes kelsey does speak fluent french

Do Canadians speak French?

As French is the second official language of Canada, many Canadians speak French (though more speak English). Quebec is a province in which most people speak French. French is also taught in schools.