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Orgin of saying raising sand?

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The origin of Raising Sand is this:

It i a phrase born in America (Louisiana , Missisipi) circa 1900s Blues era. Artist and people alike where using this phrase in everyday language and songs.

the phrase Raising Sand means "kicking up a fuss" or "making trouble". the phrase Raising Cain comes from the same era which means "waking the dead".

listen to the music of Charlie Patton, Blind Lemon Jefferson.....ect, you will often hear these singers mention these phrases..

Roberet Plant and Alison Krauss' album Raising Sand means To kick up a fuss! but Raising Sand the British Rhythm and Rock band pre dates this album by five years , and drawing their influences from Led Zeppelin, sent their EP to Robert Plants manager before his colaborative album! and low and behold his album is called Raising Sand and in a very similar font! interesting... please look at

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