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Q: Original cast of mamma mia on Broadway?
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Who was the director of mamma mia on brodway?

Phyllida Lloyd was the director of the original cast of Mamma Mia! on Broadway. I hope this helps with your question!

Who wrote mamma mia's scrpit?

Catherine Johnson, writer of the Mamma Mia musical on Broadway, also wrote the Mamma Mia movie script.

What genre is Mama Mia?

Mamma Mia is a comical, romantic and Broadway musical.

When did Mamma Mia hit Broadway?

The hit musical opened on Broadway on October 18, 2001.

What is the average price for balcony seats for the Broadway play Mamma Mia?

The average price for the broadway play Mamma Mia is 92 dollars. The broadway show it pretty cheap but will also be spectacular it will be a spectacular night for you and your family.

Who plays the mom in mamma mia?

In the movie version of Mamma Mia, the mom is played by Meryl Streep. Louise Pitre originated the role on Broadway.

Mamma mia the movie original scripts?

The original movie scripts from Mamma Mia can be found in a few places. The best place to look is the local movie production agency.

What year was the movie Mamma Mia made?

Mamma Mia was originally a broadway musical based on the songs of the popular band ABBA. It was released in 2008 and stars Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan.

Where is mamma mia set?

Mamma Mia is set in Greece.

How did Frankie Grande get famous?

Frankie got famous because he was on mamma mia in broadway then he was boots in dora on broadway and now he is a play producer in NYC

Who is the composer of the Broadway show Mamma Mia?

benny anderson, bjorn ulvaeus, and for some songs stig andersson

How long was mamma mia on Broadway?

The musical opened on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theatre on October 18, 2001 and is currently running, as of March 8, 2011.

Will there be a mamma mia 2?

as far as we know there might be mamma mia 2!

When was Mamma Mia the song made?

"Mamma Mia" the song was made in 1975.

Where was mamma Mia filmed at?

Mamma Mia! The Movie was filmed in Skopelos, Greece.

Where can tickets for the Mamma Mia musical be bought?

Mamma Mia on Broadway is a must-see show! You can obtain your tickets directly from the theater box office, or in advance, since they can be a sell-out, at sites such as Ticket Master, Stub Hub and others.

Who directed 'Mamma Mia the Movie'?

Phyllida Lloyd directed Mamma Mia the Movie.

Who wrote the songs in Mamma Mia?

All of the songs in "Mamma Mia" were created by ABBA. It was ABBA's greatest hits that created the inspiration for the "Mamma Mia" story.

Who was the designer of the mamma mia clothes?

The costume designer for the movie 'Mamma Mia' was Ann Roth.

Who did Julie Walters play in Mamma Mia?

Julie walters plays Rosie in mamma mia

How long is the film mamma mia?

"Mamma Mia the Movie" is approximately 100 minutes long.

When was Mamma Mia - song - created?

Mamma Mia - song - was created on 1999-05-10.

Who plays as bill in mamma mia?

In the Movie, Bill is played by Stellan Skarsgard, on Broadway (in London) Bill is played by Andrew Hall.

What is the theme for mamma mia?

"Mamma Mia" was based on ABBA's biggest hit songs and were combined to create a story. So the theme for Mamma Mia would be the ABBA songs.

Who plays Sky in 'Mamma Mia the Movie'?

Sky was played by Dominic Cooper in "Mamma Mia the Movie".