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If this has happened to all your files it because you've moved them (renamed directory containing music) or your iTunes library is corrupt.

If you moved your files you can use something like dreamweaver to do a search and replace on the XML library file and update the worng path to each file with the correct one.

If you have a Mac, you can use tool that automatically fixes this by Spotlighting lost files: http://itunes.pornel.net/

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If you delete a song on iTunes how do you get it back on iTunes?

Find where the original file is on your computer, and then re-add it.

How do you drag a file into the iTunes library when iTunes will not let you drag it into iTunes?

To drag a file into iTunes first make sure that the file is in a format that iTunes will recognise otherwise it will not accept the dragged file.

How do you drag a file onto iTunes?

To drag a music or video file into your iTunes library, left-click the file and hold, drag the file into your iTunes library and it will sync the file into your library.

How do you change itunes video into mp3's for an earlier generation Ipod?

You need to go into your iTunes Preferences and go to your ADVANCED tab Under "Import Using" And you can choose the MP3 encoder. Go to whatever video you want and right-click it, And there should be a preference called "Convert to MP3" Just be sure it's not a PROTECTED file. iTunes refuses to convert anything that is protected. Don't worry about losing the original file, iTunes will NOT overwrite the original file in your new MP3 form.

How can you delete songs from LimeWire shared folder on iTunes that were downloaded from LimeWire?

I deleted the listing from my iTunes Limewire folder. Deleted the file from the iTunes Library, and deleted the file from the Limewire download file. Restarted iTunes - all clear.

How do you put the music on iTunes after you have downloaded it from LimeWire?

Copy the file/folder you have downloaded into 'My Music' (found within 'My Documents') Once the music has copied got to itunes and under file select 'Add folder to Library'. Find the folder you just added and select it. itunes will do the rest.

How do you download music from the Internet to iTunes?

You first download the music file onto you computer with an .mp3 extension. Then you open iTunes and click File (menu) > Add File To Library. Then you select your music file to open, and it will import into iTunes.

How do you import movies to iTunes from my iMac?

It depends what type of movie file it is. The movie file must be a .mov or .m4v to work in iTunes. Simply drag the file from your hard drive to the Movies section in iTunes.

Can you email iTunes that's been downloaded?

There is no reason one cannot email the iTunes install file to a friend for them to download. One could also point their friend to the iTunes website to download the program instead. That may be a better choice since the iTunes install file is big enough to clog up an email inbox.

Why doesn't iTunes play some tracks?

There may be a few reasons for this.The track you dragged onto iTunes was copied into iTunes (drag and drop) and the original file wad deleted off of the hard drive. Since that song was not bought on iTunes, it uses the song on the hard drive as the primary file source to play the track.The file of the song is corrupted or damaged in some way, and you need to get a working copy of the song.The song is not a format able to be played by iTunes (usually a Windows Media Player format).

How do you transfer music folder or file from LimeWire to your iTunes library?

Drag and drop the file from limewire library into your itunes library.

Can you get music on ipod touch except iTunes?

i think so. but i think it has to be either an mp3 file or an AAC file which is from itunes

Is there a way to convert an Audacity file into an Itunes file?

Depends on what file type Itunes uses, but probably. First of all, the Audacity file is an .au file. That needs to be converted at least to an .mp3 or .wav file before you can even get anywhere with it. I just opened my Audacity on another computer and found that you should be able to export your file as a .wav file. If you want an .mp3 file, you'll need the Lame encoder and you'll have to install it (It's not hard...just follow the instructions). From there, depending on what Itunes uses, you'll have to convert to that file type. You should be able to find a file converter somewhere on the internet.

Why cant your itunes libraryitl be found if you downloaded the new version and it was fine before?

You can rebuild the library from the iTunes File menu, selecting Library, Import Playlist. (See links below)

Where is the sync button on iTunes?

Its under the file button at the bottom Well i found that but it won't let me click on that..... What should I do now?

How do you download songs to your iTunes library?

If you don't want to buy from the iTunes store , you can download from a website. Then go into your iTunes , click "file --- add file to library" and chose the song file you wish to add. It's very simple.

What is error 13010 on iTunes?

itunes error 13010 refers to a corrupt itunes library genius file -- to resolve it remove the "itunes library genius.itdb" from your itunes folder and relaunch iTunes

How do you Transfer from music in folders to itune?

On a Mac click on the music file in a folder and drag it into the iTunes Window and the music will be added to your iTunes library. If iTunes is not running you can drag the music file into the iTunes icon in the dock and it will be added to the library.

When you are done copying a file the original is no longer found in the source location?

Yes it is. However if you Cut instead of Copy, you will move the original file to a new location as appose to making duplicates of it.

What file extension iTunes videos?

iTunes video file extensions are usually .m4v or .mp4 as well as standard QuickTime .mov files.

How do you add music from your laptop to iTunes?

You open itunes and click file. Then you click "Add File to Library...". After that browse for the song and click ok.

When you a file you make an exact duplicate of the original file?

when you copy a file you make an exact duplicate of the original file.

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