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- Dracula

- Mulo (male)

- Mullo (female)

- Leech

- Bloodsucker

- Dhampir

- Succubus

- Incubus

- Bruja

- Chupacabra

- Vampir

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Bloodsuckers, nightstalkers, undead, fanged ones.

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Q: Other names for vampires
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What are other names for vampire?

Some other names for vampires include nosferatu, nosferatu, vampyr, and strigoi.

What were the names of the Vampires in the Romanian coven?

No Romanian coven, no vampires !

What do vampires call werewolves?

That depends, are the vampires and werewolves friends or not? If they are friends, they would probably just call each other by their names. If not, a vampire would call a werewolf a mutt, a stupid dog, and other degrading dog/ behaviour representing names.

Names for vampires in the 1800s?

Vampires. Upir was also common in parts of Europe.

Names of REAL vampires?

There are none

Do vampires have names?

Uh who knows

In twilight when Bella looks up vampires what are the names of the vampires?

they don't have names , they just show that vampires are dangerous, drink blood, pale, cold and strong and fast If you are wondering who the girl is and the boy who drinks the blood it is just Edward and Bella

What were the names Jacob Black called the vampires?

the cold ones.

What are the names of the vampires that are hunting Bella?

James Victoria and laurent

Names of people that are interested in vampires?

Doctor Vaugh Helsing

What amimals can vampires turn into?

vampires in twilight don't turn into animals, but other vampires turn into bats

What are the 3 vampires names who try to eat Bella?

James, Laurent, and Victoria. They're the Nomadic vampires, the main evil vampires...there's definitely more than three vampires who try, or want, to drink Bella's blood.