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If you plug your iPod into a computer or wall adapter, you can charge your iPod Touch.

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Q: Other than a charger what can charge your iPod?
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Does the Alba mp2200buk fit in iPod charger?

no it doesn't the Alba charger is smaller than the iPod one

Is there any other way to charge a Cell Phone battery other than the charger?


How else can you charge a 3ds?

Other than using a charger to charge the 3DS, the only other option is to replace the 3DS battery with a fully charged one.

Can you use a DSi charger to charge your DS lite?

No, the DSi charger is different than the DS lite charger

Can i use 14.4v charger to charge 12v battery?

Yes. The voltage of charger has to be slightly higher than the battery for it to be able to charge the battery.

How do you charge battery in diesel car?

Diesel is no different than any other. Hook it to a charger either in the car or out of it.

Will a 7.2 volt charger charge a 9.6 volt battery?

We shouldn't expect a 7.6 volt charger to charge a 9.6 volt battery. The charger can't overcome the "push back" of a battery with a voltage greater than that of the charger.

How fast does a dsi charge?

It takes about 2-3 hours to charge a dsi or ds. A dsi charger is different than a ds charger so be careful.

Can you charge a 150 amh battery with a 120 amh charger?

If the voltage is the same you can. It will just take a bit longer to charge than a 150 amh charger.

Will a dc to dc charger charges a battery bank faster than an ac to dc charger?

No. The speed at which the charger will charge the battery is determined by how many amps the charger outputs.

Can you use a Samsung ES55 charger to charge an ipod touch?

You have to compare the Output of the charger. The voltage is most important. For example: If the ES55 charger puts out .5 Volts and the iPod charger puts out .5 Volts then the voltage is compatible. Both the iTouch charger and Samsung Galaxy Appeal puts out .5 Volts. The Amperage should be near similar, but is not so important since a battery does not draw more than it can handle. The next question is connecting capability. Just try it out if the voltage and amperage match.

My LG Rumor wont charge my battery so is there anyway you can charge the battery other than through your phone?

You can use a universal charger. Usually they should charge any battery under 4.8v.

What if your charger is not working and when you try other chargers it is still not working?

Then there could be a problem with whatever you are trying to charge, rather than your charger. You might want to take it to someone who can investigate and find out what is wrong.

Does the warranty on the ipods include replacing lost ipod chargers?

From what I know, the Ipod charger is owned by a different sect than the ipods themselves. In most cases, you will get the charger covered by the warranty, but don't count on it for this reason.

Will a 24 volt 1.2 Amp charger charge the same as a 24 volt 1.5 Amp charger?

Yes, only it will take the 1.2 amp a little longer to fully charge a battery than a 1.5 amp charger.

Does fourth generation iPod touch come with a charger?

The 4th generation iPod Touch comes with the USB cable, which you can use to charge your iPod using a computer or a wall adapter. The iPod does not come with a wall adapter, but you may already have one lying around for a different electronic device, or you could buy one for less than $5 from Amazon.

Does a 40amp charger charge at less than 40amp?

The forty amp charger will supply up to a maximum of 40 amps. Normally it will provide less based on the charge state of the battery

Can you use a 6 amp charger to charge a 12 volt battery?

You can charge a 12 volt battery with a 6 AMP charger. The amount of amps put out by the charger is actually the rate which the power flows out from the charger, not the amount of volts it will charge. Volts and Amps are two different things. You can't charge up a 12 volt battery all the way, using a 6 volt charger. You can charge a 12 volt battery with a 12 volt charger rated at '6 amps'. It will charge the battery faster than a 2 amp charger will, but it will take longer than using a 12 amp charger. You probably don't want to use anything higher than a 12-16 amp charger for charging a 12 volt battery. Some chargers are equipped with a 60amp boost charge that is used for starting the vehicle, without having much of a charge in the battery. You DO NOT want to attempt charging a battery with it set to a 60amp boost charge. That is for starting vehicles only and could damage your battery. Keep in mind that the lower the amps are, that you use to charge the battery (1-2amps), will result in the charge lasting longer without recharging it, than if it was charged up at a higher setting (12-16amps).

Can you charge your 24v battery with a 20 amp charger?

Sure. Just make sure the charger output isn't more than 24v.

What does unauthorized charger mean?

Sounds like you're using an Apple product of some kind, Ipad, Ipod, Iphone etc... Apple is very keen that you should only be using their accessories with their products, and you can come across that if you try to charge them from something else than an Apple-approved charger.

What is immediate charger and strong battery?

Immediate charger is a charger that can charge battery immediately. Strong battery is a battery that can live much longer than normal battery and have unlimited data.

Why does my home AC charger charge my iPhone so much faster than my automobile DC charger?

Phone will charge faster with a larger charging current. Charging current depends on voltage, so your home charger likely has a higher voltage and therefore a higher charging current.

What is difference between 550 mah and 900 mah in mobile phone charger?

The charger with the 900ma output will charge the battery faster than the charger with a 500ma output. The phone with the 900mah battery will last longer between charges than that of the 500mah battery.

Can you charge your dsi without a dsi charger?

You can But It takes a very long time to so I'd advise to get a charger as it tends to take no longer than 1 hour.

What is the quickest way to charge your ds without a charger besides just closing it if possible?

There isn't any other way to charge the DS, other than plugging it into either a wall socket or a car outlet. Closing the DS doesn't actually charge it, rather, it slowly drains the battery instead.