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sorryyou cant peace out

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Q: Other ways to get enchanted filament without dragon coins?
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What is the function of the wires in a bulb?

The main wire in a bulb is the filament - which gets hot enough to give out light without burning away - and there are two other wires to take electricity to and from that filament.

How do you get a gold dragon without using gems?

You cant get a gold dragon without gems you need to be a memmber i think and i think your dragon can be other colors

Does Eragon get another dragon?

No, a drgon rider can only be bonded to one dragon, except for Gallobatorix, who magically enchanted Shuriken to him after his dragon was killed. Why do you aks, have yo never read the books (or seen the film.) Anyway, there's only one more dragon egg in existance (one hatched into Saphira and the other is now Thorn)

Can you summon Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon without Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon?

No, there is no other method to summon Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon other than tributing one Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

Is it possible to buy enchanted items in runescape?

Sometimes. Enchanted Ruby necklaces can be bought on the G.E. (If I'm correct stores don't sell many enchanted items.) Though other enchanted stuff like an enchanted sickle are not tradeable and are quest related or self-constructed.

What portion of sarcomere mostly composed of thick filament?

The length of the thick filament is the A band. The A band contains both thick and thin filament because they are overlapping each other. The H band is thick filament only, however, it only covers a portion of width of the thick filament.

What does disenchanted mean?

not enchanted s true in other words

How do you get stardust dragon on stardust accelerator without having to get the duelist genesis pack?

sorry bt there is no other way

How does people use an upgraded destiny weapon without a dragon amulet in dragonfable?

well you need one the other way even know this probly wont work is to use a tranier and get a temp dragon amulet other wise you cant

Why gases are used in bulbs?

In incandescent bulbs, gases (other than oxygen) prolong the life of the filament. In florescent bulbs, the gas takes the place of the filament.

What is the difference between a 120 volt and a 240 volt bulb?

One has a filament designed to work on 120 volts, the other has a filament designed to work on 240 volts.

How do you Get broly in Dragon Ball Z raging blast by cheating?

in dragon battle collection you can skip tp the legendary super saiyan saga without doing the other ones. do the first level of lssj saga

What was the previous name of the Enchanted Isles?

In the Silmarillion they were called the Enchanted Isles on pages 118 and 306. No other name is mentioned. Their exact number and location were never known. This is a trick question!

What are the central tenets of the sliding filament theory?

The sliding filament theory is the theory used to explain how muscles move. How muscles extract is unique to any other part of the body and muscles can be unique from each other especially after injury.

Who is Jamila Enchanted?

Jamila Enchanted is this girl from the JVC Music group. She along with her sister, Chelsey and Victoria are musicians and singers in this group and they are my favourite. I hope they go far. And if you, Jamila Enchanted or any other person for the JVC group read this, I want to tell you that you guys RoK my SoX :]. PeaCe

How can you live enchanted in fairy glamour and yet be grounded and in reality?

Just do what I do. act yourself and be 'normal' around your friends and other people and simultaneously you can have fun daydreaming and spotting the signs of fairy activity without being called a nutcase.

Why is the gill filament pink?

The gill filament appears pink because it is filled with blood. Gill fllaments are found on fish and other gilled creatures and provide oxygen to their blood supply.

What has the author Ann Macleod written?

Ann Macleod has written: 'The enchanted castle and other tales and legends' 'The enchanted castle' -- subject(s): Folklore, Slovaks, Tales

How do you vs other real people in dragon quest heroes without wifi?

Go to DS wireless on the start menu, but its over limited range

What happens if you don't collect the dragon priest masks in Skyrim?

Nothing. They are not essential. You just won't get the ninth priest mask, without the other eight.

What is the best bow in the elder scrolls oblivion?

The best un-enchanted non-unique bow would be a Daedric Bow. However there are enchanted and unique bows that can be much better with damaging enchantments, or other perks.

What is the weakness of crystal dragon in Dragon City?

the weakness of crystal dragon is any other legendary dragon hope this helped

What is the author of the book dragon dragon?

The author of Dragon, Dragon and Other Tales is John Champlin Gardner.

How does a muscle contract according to the sliding filament model of a muscle contraction?

When skeletal (or cardiac) muscle contracts, the thin and thick filaments in each sarcomereslide along each other without their shortening, thickening, or folding.

How do you send dragon amulets on Dragon Fable?

You can't send Dragon Amulets to other people.