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Q: Otto I wanted to rid Germany of the control of nobles and asked who for help?
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How much should Germany be asked to pay for the damage in ww1?

The time for paying for WW I is long past.

Did nobles pay taxes?

They usually did not. They were however obliged to come out and fight for the king whenever he asked. They then had to bring along, and provide with arms a proscibed number of soldiers from their estates and for the duration of that war feed and pay them.

What is the connection between the carte blanche and World War 1?

I dont know it all but.... 'Carte Blanche' means blank Cheque. And that on July the 14th Austria asked for help from Germany (Kaiser Wilhelm II) by telegram. And Germany replies by saying 'Yes , we'll support you in what ever you do!' This meant that Austria knew that they could do anything they wanted and would always have Germany backing them up.This could be one of the main causes of the world war. Hope this helps..Beth..x

Why were the European Allies more interested in retribution?

The European allies focused on rebuilding themselves after wars, and believed that they should not have to pay to repair their nations because they did not cause the damage. After World War one the focus was on the destruction cause by bombings, which required a lot of time, labor, and money for the allied nations to fix. They wanted Germany to cover these costs because Germany did the damage. The allies asked Germany to pay reparations and to change their governing system. After World War two the focus was on making sure Germany was not able to be an aggressor again. Land was taken away, Germany's advanced scientific and technological industries were limited, and they had to pay reparations to the allies.

What event spark the great war?

Everything started from assassination of Archduke Franze Ferdinand.He was killed by Serbian terroists.Austria declared war on Serbia,while Russia and France were alliances.Austria,Germany and Italy were alliances too!So Germany promised to protect Austria like Russia to Serbia.France promised to protect Russia.Germany declared war on Russia.After 2 days they declare war on France.German ruler was Kaiser Wilhaim 2nd.His plan was to take under control France and then fight Russia.BUT,first of all,he had to cross Belgium.Major powers (including Germany) promised Belgium not to invade them.So they asked to cross them,but they dismissed.So...they invaded on Belgium,while Britain didn't seem to enjoy it.So they said that Belgium needs to be protected.But,for real,they wanted to stop Germany becoming powerful.Germany still in Belgium=Britain joins the war. That's how WWI started.So,basically event that sparked WWI was assassination of Archduke Franze Ferdinand.

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Otto you wanted to rid Germany of the control of nobles and asked the for help?

Otto you wanted to rid Germany of the control of nobles and asked the who for help? FML Roman Catholic Church

Otto i wanted to rid Germany of the control of nobles and asked the for help?

Roman Catholic Church

What were the different aims of the big three at Versailles?

France - Wanted Revenge because of the fact that Germany had invaded them 40 years previous to World War One.America - wanted peace.Britain - wanted justice, not revenge. Believed that some element of peace should be kept but went around winning elections under the subterfuge of making Germany pay.

What did Khrushchev ask Kennedy?

Khrushchev asked Kennedy to formally say that Germany was divided into East Germany and West Germany. And that West Belin and East Berlin would stay divided. He also wanted the US to leave West Berlin.

Why did japan want to take control in world war 2?

Why does America want to take control now?-----ok i asked a question and wanted an answer and all i got was another question! how is this supposed to help me?

How did nobles live at the palace of Versailles of Louis XIV?

They had to do tasks that were asked to do by Louis XIV. The tasks included helping him dress in the morning, going hunting with him, perfoming the ceremonies of the coury and handing him his nightshirt when he went to bed.

Why did Hitler wanted to make Germany self-sufficent?

Hitler had a strongly held (but false) belief that Germany had asked for the armistice to end the First World War because it was not economically & agriculturally self-sufficient. Hitler never understood the correct reasons for Germany's defeat, or that Germany had actually been defeated militarily. This affected his views of Jews, communists, women in the workforce, working hours, public morale, etc.

The immediate cause of the First Punic War was?

Some pirates on the island of Sicily asked for Rome to help them, while others asked Carthage to help fight.

Can you be asked out on my Sims?

You can't be asked out by another sim you do not control.

What questions will be asked in an interview for an air traffic control course?

You will probably be asked questions like, 'Why do you want to go into air traffic control?' You will also be asked, 'What skills and abilities do you bring to this position?'

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What effects have people from Germany had on the world?

dont know i asked you