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Lugia Mewtwo Mew Deoxys On Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Arceus is the most powerful. You can only get it by using action replay.


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The most non legendary Pokemon is Charizard, Swampert, and Hariyama

the most legendary Pokemon is either Arceus or Mew ( i think its arceus)

I know that there are 2 super rare ultra powerful Pokemon in the whole entire Pokemon world.Those Pokemon are Raquaza and Arceus, but what i know is that RAQUAZA is by far the most and i mean the most powerful ultra legendary in the entire Pokemon world.

The most powerful dragon that is not a legendary or pure dragon in Pokemon is Dragonite. It is a flying dragon that has balanced stats and is extremely strong

They all used to be just as powerful, but then Arceus came along and he is more powerful then all the others.

Slaking is the most powerfull non-legendary pokemon, but he skips every other turn. Dragonite, Tyranitar and Salamence are considered half-legendary so the strongest 100 % non-legendary pokemon is Arcanine (Although is called "Legendary Pokemon" on the pokedex)

Though you can train a Pikachu to be the most powerful Pokemon in your party, popular opinion does not think a Pikachu to be the most powerful Pokemon.

Ho-oh is the most powerful. In Heartgold and Soulsilver, the two great legendary Pokemon are like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, with Palkia and Dialga, exept that these two games have Ho-oh and Lugia.

Most people think its Glaceon.

The strongest Pokemon in Pearl is actually Palkia you dumbasses who didn't know that.-K-DOGno , he is wrong it is darkrai or in a non-legendary case the most powerful Pokemon is whatever you want it to be , any Pokemon can be powerful it all depends whether you E-V train or not =P

The most powerful Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl is the most powerful Pokemon of all too. It is ARCEUS

Most legendary Pokemon are able to be captured after defeating the Pokemon League.

ANSWER:Mewtwo is the most powerful Pokemon ever.Beucause it can learn every move and arceus stands no">chance at all against it. so pick mew over arceus.

most legendary Pokemon are genderless so they connot have babies

charizard has humongous high stats, arcanine is excellent.

It is an egg, that when hatched, the most powerful Pokemon ever comes out. Arceus. I'm not sure how you got the Arceus Egg because Arceus is a legendary Pokemon.

Most people think it is Arceus but I don't know.(and I don't really think arceus is good)

(This question does not ask "which legendary is hardest to get.") I do not think that it is possible to say that anything that is legendary is more legendary than another something that is legendary. While some legendary things are more widely known than others, it does not mean that the first is more legendary than the latter. The point is, then, that there are no degrees of the word legendary.

for me palkia was the strongest, he was the main reason i beat the elite four, but i think it depends on which Pokemon you train the most

I will recommend that the most powerful Pokemon is Arceus because it changes its type to the kind of plate that it is holding. I think it is found in the hall of origan (or-i-gon), but I am not sure.

Salamence is a great Pokemon but it is hard to train. It is way more powerful then either flygon or kingdra. If I were you I wouldn't get garchomp because it cant fly but I would get dragonite because it is equally powerful. Most legendary dragons aren't very powerful.

Yes, Mew is the most powerful Pokemon ever.

The most legendary Pokemon would be Mewtwo which can be found in cerulean cave.

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