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There are four basic types of animal tissue. Epithelial covers the surface of the body and the body cavities. Connective tissue binds together as well as supports body parts. Muscular tissue allows movement of the structure. Nervous tissue allows the body to respond to stimuli.

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Does an organsystem form a group of tissues?

In higher plants and animals an organ system form a group of tissues but in lower plants and animals it is not necessary.

Why are the bones of younger animals preferred for making stocks?

Younger animals have a higher percentage of cartilage and other connective tissues.

What is the relationship between organ system and organism?

In higher animals, an organism (animal) is composed of several organ systems (groups of functioning tissues).

Which has a higher level of organization a cell or organ?

an organ has a higher lvl of organization becase it is made up of cells and theses cells form tissues and the tissues form into one big orgin

Does an organ represent a higher level of structure than the tissues composing it?


Why are some pollutants more harmful to organisms at higher trophic levels?

Higher trophic levels are animals that are higher up on the food chain. When animals lower on the food chain get effected by pollutants, it transfers to the animal that eats that one. And so on. So the animals on the higher trophic level eat the most animals(animals with the pollutants).

Why are the mathematical properties significant?

Mathematical properties lead to higher-level thinking, since they illustrate general cases .

How is the cell defined?

A cell in biology is the basic structural and functional unit of all organisms; they may exist as independent units of life (as in monads) or may form colonies or tissues as in higher plants and animals. In geometry, a cell is a three-dimensional element that is part of a higher-dimensional object.

What has the author Ronald Sabourin written?

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What the properties of a base?

A base has a higher pH than water.

Why is it colder higher in the mountains?

AnswerBecause the higher the thinner the air gets. You lose the insulating properties of the atmosphere.

What properties is unique to echinoderms within higher invertebrates?

sid is awsome'

What are ultrasonic waves and also its properties?

DEFINITION:Sounds of frequency higher then 20,000Hz which are inaudible to human ear,can be produced and are utilized in many useful ways.Such sounds are called ultrasonics.PROPERTIES:1:In medical feilds utrasonics waves are being used to diagnose and treat different ailments.2:These waves are also reflected by differently by different organs,tissues,benign or malignant tumors

How are tissues different from organs?

Organs are viewed as a higher order and structure. Tissues make up organs. Pancreatic tissue is formed and structured into an organ (Pancreas). Epidermis is a skin tissue, but all skin tissues make up the skin organ.

What is bioamplification?

Bioamplification, or biomagnification, is the process that results in the increasing toxin concentration in consumers in successive trophic levels. In other words, the collecting of poison and chemicals in animal's tissues becomes more concentrated when animals are higher up in the food chain.

How do higher forms of animals reproduces?


Is the yak the animal higher than any other mountain animals?

Yes. The yak is the animal higher than any other mountain animals.

Does bone absorb more photons because it has a higher atomic number than the tissues surrounding it?


What are some useful properties of light?

It travel in a higher speed than sound

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Do Higher animals and plants most likely have isogametes?

Isogametes are two different gametes that have no distinction in shape or size. Higher animals and plants are more likely to have them.

Do all animals dream?

Not all animals dream. Animals of higher class (vertibrates) dream. While invertibrates don't.

What forms body tissue?

The body tissues are formed by the group of similar cells together. The tissues one step higher forms the organs in the body and this give rise to organ system. The tissues are very important for the body as it takes place of mant essential things of the body.

Can animals hear what you can't?

yes, animals have a much higher frequency range than humans

How is CADMIUM stored?

As zinc has an affinity for the testes, cadmium is also stored there in higher concentrations than in other tissues