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Pain under rib cage right side?

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Pain in back under right rib cage?

i have a dull but consistant pain on my back over the rib cage. Also pain and discomfort under front right side near rib cage. I am thinking gall bladder. What are the symptoms.

What causes chronic pain on the right side under the rib cage?


Pain under rib cage right hand side?

Pain under your rib cage on the right side could be caused by problems with your liver, gall bladder, or kidneys. It also could be due to pulled intercostal muscles.

What could cause numbness under the rib cage?

I have had pain under the right side of rib cage going halfway down the stomach. During the day no pain. Pain worst at night whilst laying flat. slight feeling of numbness under right side of breast bone. any thoughts

What causes pain in right side directly under right rib cage?

Pain in the side can be a sign of menstrual cramps in a female or even an appendicitis attack. Pulled muscles can also cause pain in the side.

What organ is just under the rib cage on right side that gives sharp pain by touch?

gallbladder or liver

What causes acute pain on right side below rib cage and from back and tenderness in front?

Pain under the ribs and in the back can be from the kidneys. This can be an indicator of kidney stones or a kidney infection.

What is causing the pain in your left side under your rib cage?


Pain under rib cage on left side?

Pain under the rib cage on the left side can be caused by a pulled muscle or irritable bowel syndrome. Only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis.

Pain under right side of ribcage?

I had severe pain under my ribcage on my right side and it turned out to be a kidney infection.

Pain on right side under rib cage?

You may have bruised a rib, or you have a little indigestion, if it continues then you must seek out a physician.

What is the pain in right side lower rib cage?

appendix or kidney?

When you cough you get a pain right below the rib cage on the right side?

When you cough and get pain below the right rib cage, it can be caused by a pulled muscle. Only your doctor can give you a correct diagnosis.

What body part is right under the right side of your rib cage?

The body part that is right under the right side of the rib cage is the right hip. The hip helps with walking and sitting and also protects organs that are lower in the body than the rib cage.

Is the gallbladder on the left or right side?

The gallbladder is on the right side just under the rib cage.the gallbladder is on you right.

What causes pain in the right side under rib cage with residual pain under the arm and down to the fingers?

Could be arthritis... I don't actually know. After all i'm only 10 years old.

What causes pain right side rib cage?

Generally a knife or blunt object connecting with the said rib-cage will cause pain from mild to extreme.

Pain under right side rib cage?

I have that right now. Up until today I had a spasm feeling in that area that has been going on for a few months. My ultrasound was O.K . I am getting refered to a GI Dr. I am not a doctor but from the research I have done I think it is my Gallbladder. My pain had been a mild anoyance until now, but sharp pain under the right rib cage, sometimes with vomiting usually is the Gallbladder.

Pain on right side under ribcage?

not good :/

What causes pain below the ribcage?

Question not very precise, but pain below the rib cage on the right side could be liver, or gallbladder. Pain on the left below the rib cage could be pancreas.

When you lay on your right side you have pain at the bottom of your rib cage?

Call the doctor or go to the ER.

What is this pain in the upper left side of my stomach Pain in the top left side of abdomen?

I have had a pain in my upper left side, right under my breast. What can it be?

What organ is located under the rib cage on the right side of the body?


What organ is located under the right side below the rib cage?


What is causing left side abdominal under rib cage pain?

Could be a number of things and should be seen by a doctor. In my case it was from coughing due to smoking. Excessive coughing can cause pain under the rib cage from bruising.

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