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Palm OS is a system software?

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Yes. It provides all of the functions of an operating system, such as communicating with the hardware, memory management, and process management. It also provides an API for other programs to be run on top of it.

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What operating system does a palm pilot use?

Palm OS

Is Palm OS is an example of open source software?

No. The source for Palm OS is not publicly available. And the source is not available through any type of open license.

The most essential software in your computer system is the?

Operating System (OS) Software

What are the examples of System software and Application software?


What software included system software?

The OS is system software, and includes a "kernel", "drivers", and "utilities" (such as defragmenters).

What is OS software?

The OS is a software that manages the computer hardware resources and provides common services for the computer programs. The operating system is a very important component of the system software in a computer system.

Examples of a system software?

An operating system (OS) can be considered as a system software, as it enables a computer to be used.

What is software problem?

A software problem is either there is a malfuctioning of your system or the OS.

What is the advantage of system software made for os?

System Software is a software which actually works at system level. Their are 2 types of softwares ,1)Application Software and 2)System Software. System Softwares are OS(Operating Systems) and it provides an interface between the user and the computer. It is a software which also manages the resources of the computer eg. RAM,Hard Drive usage and CPU . The system software has system processes running at the back of the OS which actually manages the overall Operating System.

What is the synonym for software?

Synonyms for software:ApplicationBundled SoftwareCoursewareDisk Operating SystemDosExecutiveFile Management SystemFreewareGroupwareMac OSMs DosPresentation SoftwareProductivity SoftwareProgramOperating SystemOSSharewareSpreadsheetSystemSystem SoftwareUnixWindows

Operating system competing with windows mobile?

Palm has webOS Samsung has Bada OS Blackberry OS Symbian OS Linux

What is the OS of a palm?

The OS of a Palm ( now HP ) smartphone is named Web OS.

Which software to read pdb file in my computer?

isilo is the software. See For Palm OS and certain smartphones. See list on website.

Examples of single tasking operating system?

An example of Single task, single user Operating system is Palm OS for palm handheld computers.

What is difference between requirements of system software and application software?

System software, ie Operating System (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) Is the base of the application environment. Requirements for System software means, what hardware you're required to have in order for the operating system to run on your machine. Application software requirements are the same except for OS (Operating System) requirement, some software only runs on Windows, some only on Mac OS. Some run on both and more.

Is OS a software or hardware or firmware?

Neither. An operating system is typically a piece of software.

What is an operating system software?

An Operating System Software (OS) is the name given to programs that cooridate all the activities among computer devices. The OS contains instuctions that allow the user to run application software.

What is an OS file?

OS is a system software that is operat the computer and interface between hardwere and user

What is the extension of a file with prc?

Installer package for a Palm OS application; may also be used for Palm OS program or system updates; can be installed on a Palm Pilot from a Mac or Windows computer using the HotSync Manager within the Palm Desktop program.NOTE: The ".prc" extension is sometimes used for Palm OS text documents as well.

Give One difference between operating system software and applications software?

The OS makes calls to the system kernel (although sometimes the kernel is bundled with the OS). Applications make their calls to the OS, which then makes calls to the kernel.

What are the advantage of system software?

The advantage of system software is it is made for the os. so it will run smother than some others.

What is the role of operating software and utility software and components of system software?

System Software is basically an Operating system (or software). Operating System helps users to operate and access the applications loaded on the machine. Further, Operating system provides a platform for applications (i.e. utility software) on the machine.The OS cannot hold all utilities altogether. For example, Windows XP is an OS and Calculator integrated into it is a utility software.

What is Mac System Software?

Macintosh Operating System Ten (Mac OS X)

What kind of software does a PDA have?

There are hundreds of software packages for PDA. The most common operating systems for PDA's are Palm OS or Windows CE/Windows Mobile. There are many tools, games and other applications for each type of operating system.

Is apple an operating system software or application software?

Apple is neither of them . It is world's largest technology company. It makes various devices, system software (OS), and application software.