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Q: Parthenon what did the inside look like?
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What does a Parthenon look like inside and out?

the parthenon looks like......... you should not come to this site and expet to find every answer to your questions! go look in a book like back in the day!

What does the Parthenon look like?

a church

What did the ancient Greek Parthenon look like?

big d***

What does the Lincoln Memorial look like?

The memorial looks like the Parthenon in Greece.

What was inside the Parthenon?

Inside the Parthenon is a gold and ivory statue of the Greek goddess Athena. Well it was there from the start. Today nothing is left of what was inside the temple except remains of the old Parthenon and ruble.

Why was the Parthenon arched?

The Parthenon is not arched. Look again.

What is the name of the building that was built to look like the Parthenon but in the US?

If you're talking about the replica in Nashville, it is called the Parthenon as well.

What statue was inside the Parthenon?

Probaly Athena.

What does Look Inside means?

Look Inside means look inside! Like LOOK INSIDE the jar... its easy!

Which structure is dedicated to Athena the Parthenon or the Agora?

The parthenon. If you have seen the movie the odessey, there is a HUGE statue of her inside.

What is Jupiter look on the inside and the outside?

what does the inside of jupiter look like

What did the Parthenon look like?

The Parthenon is a peripteral octostyle Doric temple. It is surrounded with a total of 50 columns, eight columns on each end and seventeen on the sides. The Parthenon also stands on a stylobate or platform of three steps.

What does the inside of a tree look like?

it looks like the inside of a tree

Where was the Parthenon temple to goddess?

On the inside placed on a stone platform.

How are the Parthenon th same as the Lincoln memorial?

They both us Doric columns. Have statues of famous leaders inside. In the Parthenon Athena is the goddess if wisdom and she if the statue inside of the Parthenon and the Lincoln Memorial has a Statue of Abraham Lincoln witch was treated like god and did not believe in war so therfor he is "god of wisdom" in some way

What did Aphrodite's temple look like?

See link below - there are pictures and text about Aphrodite's temple Parthenon.

What does Jupiter look like inside?

i look like a gas gaint

What does a batteries look like inside?

It looks like a energy line inside

What does an igloo look like inside?

it look cold

What is the depth of Parthenon?

The depth? That must be the length inside: 60 meters.

What is inside the Parthenon?

The Parthenon was built for Athena the daughter of Zeus when Hephaestus god of fire and blacksmith cracked open Zeus's head and Athena came out fully born and ready to fight Inside was a great big cult statue of the goddess. Today there is nothing inside execpt the remains of the old Parthenon and ruble.

What does the inside of a ladybug look like?

In fact, they look just like us inside! Ive been told there is no difference

Who build the Parthenon. .?

Phidias had help building the Parthenon by i don't know cos i hav been trying to find it out but KNOWHERE says it Answer by RoshniF: Phidias didn't build the Parthenon, but he built the statue of Athena that was put inside the Parthenon. The Parthenon was built by many ancient Greek workers.

What does the inside of cytoplasm look like?

it look like clear jell-o

What do buckeyes look like?

They look like spiny shell with nut inside