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That would be an amorphous solid.

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Particles are arranged in no particular order in this type of solid?


What are particles not arranged in a regular pattern?

A solid not arranged in a regular pattern is an amorphous solid

Are solid particles arranged in a pattern?

Some solid particles are arranged in patterns, such as diamonds or crystals, but some are not, such as coal or glass.

How are the particles in a crystalline soid arranged?

The particles in a crystalline solid are arranged in a repeating pattern.

Are are particles of a solid arranged?


What is a solid with particles arranged randomly called?

This is an amorphous solid.

How are particles arranged in a solid metal?

In neat layers.

How are particles in a crystalline solid arranged?

Particles are arranged in regular, systematic, repeating patterns, which will vary depending on the material in question.

What causes particles of a solid to become arranged in a random manner?

melting the solid

Are particles of a solid arranged in evenly spaced clusters?

Yes but it depends on which solid.

How are particles arranged in a solid liquid and gas?

the particle arrangements of a liquid is that the particles and atoms are a bit separated from each other. In a solid, they are closely packed together. In a gas they have no particular particle arrangement and are very far apart.

What has type of solid has particles that aren't arranged in any particular order?

Glass, solid epoxy and so on.Edit: Glass, rubber, and some types of polymers (i.e. PVC) are all examples of amorphous solids. Amorphous solids have particles which are randomly arranged and have no ordered long-range structure. If a solid does have long-range ordered structure, it is said to be a crystalline solid (there are several types of these, including ionic, molecular, metallic, and covalent network solids).

In a solid are the particles arranged in a regular geometric pattern?


The particles in a solid are arranged how?

They are tightly packed and in lines and they are vibrating.

Solid in which the particles are arranged in a regular repeating pattern?


What natural solid has its particles arranged in a crystal pattern?


In which two states are the particles randomly arranged?

liquid and solid

What is the motion of particles in a solid?

In a solid, the particles are packed tightly together. They do not have a lot of room for motion. These particles are arranged in a regular, usually repeating pattern.

What are solids in which the particles are NOT arranged in a pattern?

A solid in which the constituent particles do not form a pattern is said to be amorphous.

Is glass a crystalline solid or an amorphous solid?

Glass is a amorphous solid because they have large particles but randomly arranged

A solid that is made up particles that are not arranged in a regular pattern?


Matter in which particles are arranged in repeating geometric patterns is a?

It is a solid. It is crystalline.

what is a solid that is made up particles that are not arranged in a regular pattern?

A glass.

Is a crystal a solid whose particles are arranged you a specific pattern?


Describe and explain the way particles are arranged in solids and liquids?

In a solid the particles are all packed very tightly together.ery tightly together.In a liquid the particles are arranged farther apart.

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