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Particles in a liquid move much faster and more freely than particles in a solid. The kinetic energy possessed by liquid particles is higher compared to solid particles.

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How do the particles in liquid move?

The particles in liquid move freely.

What happens to the particles in a liquid when it boils?

The liquid will turn into a gas so the particles are gonna be moving around freely.

How do you particles behave in liquid?

The particles have room to move around, but cannot move entirely freely.

How are the particles in a solid arranged differently from those in liquid?

a gas have no definite shape so the particles can move around freely but in a liquid ,which has a definite shape, particles move around but are restricted

True or flase particles in liquid move around just freely as particles in a solid?

Particles in a solid move around very little depending on the material in question however most liquids can move around very freely. Therefore the answer is True.

What do the particles of a liquid do that particles of a solid can't do?

they move more freely then molecules in a solid, but not as freely as molecules in a gas.

Do liquid particles vibrate in place?

they move around freely over one another

How does the particles of a liquid move?

the particles of a liquid are more freely than the solid because it dose not have definite shape

How do particles move in liquid?

In a liquid particles move around freely and are constantly interacting with each other. They move by bouncing off each other creating friction.

What is the movement of particles in a solid liquid and gas?

The particles in a solid are close together.They are fixed in pace but can vibrate.The particles that make up a liquid are close together but usually farther apart than the particles in a solid are.They can slide freely past one another.The particles in gas are farther apart than particles in a liquid and solid.Gas particles move freely in any directions.

How do the particles of a liquid move?

the particles in liquid move around slowly in the liquid

How is the movement of particles in a gas differ from the movement of particles in liquid?

I think the reason why is that the particles in a gas move freely and they move fast. Therefor the particles in a liquid slide past eachother and the reason why that they're differ from eachoth is because a gas and a liquid are differ from eachother like an example, They particles in a gas heat up and move freely

Does a gas have particles that are held rigidly in place?

NO! gas particles move around freely and zoom all over the place. ice is made of rigid particles which is why it is a solid. a liquid is made up of s l o w l y moving particles, which is why it can move freely.

What are made between the particles when gas turns into liquid?

the Liquid evaporates so that the gas particles move freely as if they were a bird . Then this creates the particles to explode witch frequently makes the gas

How do the positions of the particles in a solid compare with the positons of the particles in an equal volume of liquid?

The particles in a solid are much more closely packed together than in a liquid where they are flowing more freely

What happens to the motion of particles in a solid and liquid and gas?

In a solid the particles are packed tightly together in a more raged formation . in a liquid the particles move passing each other in a gas the particles move freely in the space they have

How are liquid particles arranged compared to solid particles?

Liquid particles can nove around more than Solid particles they are in rows and have very strong bonds Liquid particles can nove around more than Solid particles they are in rows and have very strong bonds

Does liquid have particle movement?

Well it does. Every substance in any phase, consists of particles that are in constant movement. Sometimes it is a mere oscillation of particles, but sometimes particles move freely. In liquid the majority of particles move around each other, but forces between them, which can be called bonds sometimes, are preventing them from moving around very far.

Which has the most energy particles in steam particles in liquid water particles in ice or particles in freezing water?

The particles have most energy in particles in steam. In a gas. the particles move more freely, Therefore, there is more energy in the steam. :D LOL

How are the molecules in a gas different than the molecules in the liquid?

Difference is with arrangement.In liquid particles are arranged bit tightly.In gas particles move freely.

Do particles move the fastest in a gas?

Yes: Ice - They Vibrate Liquid - They flow Gas - They move around freely

Are the particles of a gas packed closely together so that they don't have as much movement as the particles of a solid or liquid?

In a gas, the particles are much less densely packed than the particles of a solid or liquid, and consequently they move much more freely.

Which particles move freely in straight lines between liquid solid and gas?

Liquid for sure. As the particles in solid only vibrate and gas particles move about at random. Liquid particles are free to move past each other but, the tend to stick together. Hope that helped.

What point do particles move around in a solid?

At no point. Particles moves around in liquid.

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