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Past tense and future tense of accelerate?

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Past tense - accelerated.

Future tense - will accelerate.

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past tense is got future tense is will get

Accelerated is the past tense and past participle.

The simple past tense is did.The simple future tense is will do.

Am, is, and are are present tense forms of be. The past tense forms of be are was and were. The future tense of be is will be.

Past tense - went. Future tense - will go.

Dropped is the past tense, and will drop is the future tense.

Past tense - grew. Future tense - will grow.

The past tense is received.The future tense is will receive.

The past tense is rained. The future tense is will rain.

The past tense is: I jogged. The future tense is: I will jog.

The past tense is bloomed. The future tense is will bloom.

Stop is neither future tense nor past tense. It's present tense. The future tense is will stop, and the past tense is stopped.

Some examples: Past tense - worked. Future tense - will work. Past tense - played. Future tense - will play. Past tense - lied. Future tense - will lie.

"will be" is the future tense of "be". The past tense of "be" is "was/were".

Future tense - will break. Past tense - broke.

The future tense is bringing and the past tense is brought

The past tense is swam.The future tense is will swim.

The past tense is planned. The future tense is will plan.

The past tense is saved.The future tense is will save.

The conjugation of to have:will have (future)have (present)had (past)

The past tense is wrote; the future tense is will write.

The future tense of try is will try, and the past tense is tried.

The past tense is 'established'. The future tense is 'will establish'.

Went is the past tense of go. The future tense is will go.

The past tense of know is knew, and the future tense is will know.

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