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Pearls are found in an oyster.

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Q: Pearls are found in a
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Where can pearls be found?

Pearls can be found underwater in mollusks or oyster' a merica,china tokio

What precious stones are found in oyster shells?


What can be found in a oyster?

pearls can be found in oysters.

What are cave pearls?

Cave pearls are a calcite formation found in caves that resemble pearls because they are white and round.

Were can pearls be found?

the ocean

What animals are pearls found?


Where are most of the pearls found?

in clams

What ocean depths are pearls found?

pearls are found in the lakes like lewisville lake, and sometimes if your lucky they can come up from your toilets

Do clams have pearls in them if found on the coast?

No, clams never have pearls in them no matter where they are found .Oysters are the ones that have peals but it's a very rare to find one "the pearls that is not the oysters" .That's why there so expensive!

How common are pearls?

Pearls are not considered as rare as diamonds, but they are not found in every oyster either. Pearls in the wild are rare and more expensive. Cultured pearls are much more common.

Where are pearls found in Australia?

They can be found in Broome WA Austalia.

You heard that Indians would find pearls in clams is this true?

Native Americans may have found "pearls" in clams, but those were not "pearls" as we would consider them today. Clams are non-nacreous mollusks and do not produce actual pearls. They produce what are known as "calcareous concretions", which lack the pearly luster associated with pearls as we know them. More likely, Native Americans found pearls in mussels not clams. Those that were near coastal areas may have also found and collected marine pearls, but not from clams.

In what sea creatures are pearls found?


What sea creature has pearls found in it?


What sea creatures are pearls found in?


In what sea creatureare pearls found?


What precious object is found in an oyster?


What precious objects is found in an oyster?


In what sea creature are pearls found?

Although many mollusks produce pearl-like crystal spheres, the oyster (more technically the "pearl mollusk") is the source of large natural pearls.Pearls are found in pearl oysters.

What gems are found in Illinois?

fresh water pearls =)

Where can Akoya pearls be found naturally?

Akoya pearls are be extracted from Akoya oysters. These oysters can be typically found in large bodies of saltwater. For example, Akoya oysters are traditionally found in the sea area of southern China.

A group of pearls?

A necklace or a bracelet. Oysters are found in beds.

In which sea creature are pearls found?

They can be found almost any shelled mollusk such as the pearl oyster

What did vasco nunez find?

he found gold,pearls,native Americans

Pearls are in what sea creatures?

Mother-of-Pearl is found in Oyster shells