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It is always increasing.

the odds are 1 out of 3 people

Too high...My Gma has cancer. Three relatives have passed from it.

Doublecheck my figures, but here's what I get... Approx. 0.25% in the USA (about 759,562 out of 303,824,640 people) Approx. 0.18% worldwide (about 12,000,000 out of 6,706,993,000 people) (Sorry, but I can't remember how to break it down into simpler terms, ex. # out of # people. Maybe someone else will.)

Total new cases for 2008=1,437,180--that is just in the USA. Approx. 1/3 will die from it. The American Cancer Society estimates that there are 12,000,000 (12 million) cases worldwide. Wikipedia reports that there were approx. 6,706,993,000 (6.7 billion) people in the world as of July 1,2008. So,...0.18% (about 1/3 of one percent) of cancer patients worldwide.

The US population (from website) was 303,824,640 as of July 2008. I couldn't find specific data showing the total number of cancer patients just in the United States, so, for the US, the amount of people diagnosed with cancer in 2008 is 0.47% (about 1/2 of one percent). (1,437,180 divided by 303,824,640 times 100).

Therefore, you could figure that, if there were 0.47% each year from 1930-2008, and 1/3 of them have died, then the total approximate living cancer patients would be 0.24%. (2008 minus 1930 equals 78 (years) times 0.47 (%) equals 0.37 (%) (total patients) minus 1/3 of that (0.12%) equals 0.25% current cancer patients). (303,824,640 times 0.25% equals 759,562 people)

Goto This is the American Cancer Society's website. They have statistic reports you can download to see the number of cases that came up in 2008 and what kinds of cancer they were. You can see the number of deaths in 2008, deaths from 1930 through 2004 for men and a chart for women, and several more. This site is very detailed.

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Q: Percentage of people with cancer
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