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Period of religious revival in the early colonial period?

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The Great Awakening was the religious revival in the early Colonial period. The Great Awakening actually occurred over several time periods, with the first happening in the 1730's.

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What is the period of religious revival and growth for many denominations?

A great awakening is the period of religious revival and growth for many religious denominations. Often this is the result of religious reform.

What was the period of religious revival and growth for many denominations?

Whenever there is persecution.

Is it colonial time period or colonial period?

colonial period or colonial America

What was literature during the colonial period?

Literature during the colonial period of the United States is known as Early American Literature. Much of this literature was religious or documentary in nature.

What Period came after the Colonial period?

The Federal period

Which religious group dominated in the new England area durind the colonial period?


What was the Revitalization of religious piety during the American colonial period called?

The Great awakening

What date is the colonial period in?

The colonial period lasted from 1600 to about 1974

How has the society changed since the colonial period?

The colonial period is different than the 1930's because in the colonial period it was the 1600's

During the first 150 years of colonial history the British did not pay much attention to their American colonies what was this period called?

The colonial period. The colonial period.

The period of religious revival which swept through the colonies in the 1730's and 1740's was called what?

The great awakening

Why did salzburgers move to Georgia during the colonial period?

because they refused to embrace certain religious beliefs

What year did the colonial period end for the U.S?

The colonial period started in 1607 and ended in 1776.

What literary period did Patrick Henry belong to?

The colonial period

What was an entrepreneur of the colonial period?

An entrepreneur of the colonial period was a merchant who took financial risks to invest in colonization.

Which plantation was the most important during the colonial period?

which plantation was most important during the colonial period

The Great Awakening was a revival of fervent religion after a period of religious decline caused by clerical over-intellectualism and lay liberalism in doctrine?


What is a colonial period?

A colonial period is a period of time in a nation's history when it was under the control of a colonial power. One example is when the U.S. Colonies were under control of the British government before the Revolutionary War.

What is the period of intellectual revival beginning in the 1300s?

A. Dark Ages.

What time period was Gothic revival in?

During the Middle Ages.

What years did the American colonial period take up?

The American colonial period refers to the time when America was British colonies, before becoming an independent nation. The years considered the colonial period were 1607-1776.

Name the tariff placed on printed items during the colonial period?

name the tariff placed on printed items during the colonial period name the tariff placed on printed items during the colonial period

What date is the Rococo period in?

The Rococo period, the period of orchestral and art movement, lasted from about 1695 until the 1960s, then enjoyed a revival between 1975 and 2005.

What were the three religious trends in the post-colonial period?

I suggest you ask the question again, specifying what country you are referring to.

What religious group in Pennsylvania was known for dealing fairly with the Amerinidans during the colonial period?

The Society of Friends aka Quakers