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Jesus and he was not joking!!!!!

i love Nick Jonas

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What would be life if bapu was alive today?

it would have been a beautiful country & not a single person hve been faded up with politics.

Would you ask Nick Jonas?

if he talked to me in real person, then i would ask.

What would happen if a person didn't have energy?

they would not be alive.

Would Kevin Jonas Date a person 7 years younger than him?

no but joe would

Would Nick Jonas date a girl who isn't the biggest fan of the band Jonas?

Yes he would. He is a very kind person and he doesn't let his fame get to his head.

Can a tree produce enough oxygen to keep a person alive?

Certain trees, such as the bonsai tree, would not be able to keep a person alive. But a normal sized tree would be enough to keep two or three people alive

Do planes have to have a name?

I am the smartest person alive! if you were then you would know the answer

What is the madest person alive?

There is no way to know who the maddest person alive is. This person would change constantly because people go from being mad to being happy in an instant.

Would nick Jonas act in a drama?

Yes he is a very serious person and I think he would be great in a drama

How would the life and society had been' if Bapu was alive today?

if bapu was alive today ,he would have been monitoring the performance of the government and influence it to take decisions in the best interests of the country .Probably ,the things would not have been as bad as they are currently as bapu would have taken the right steps from the beginning.Society would be in a better condition if he were alive today as he would influence the world leaders in the concept of political change through nonviolence .it would have been a beautiful country and not a single person would have been faded up with politics .I wish bapu would be alive today so that life and society both would be developed and organised as well .India would be finally known for its advancement also

Is Lady Gaga the coolest person alive?

No. Technically there is no "coolest person alive" because that would be an opinion and opinions cannot be proven, no matter how much you believe your right.

Who's Kevin Jonas?

I would hope you would know who Kevin Jonas is.-either the musician Kevin Jonas-Mr. Jonas, the Jonas' dad.

Would Joe Jonas ask Akansha out?

== == This person is probably a regular person that has never dated any members of the Jonas Brother band, just wanting attention. Joe Jonas has never confirmed or seen with any girl named Akansha and probably doesn't know the person and has never heard of the name.

Would Nick Jonas date a short person?

Well, if he really liked her, then sure! Why wouldn't he?

Would the Jonas brothers ever replace Mandy?

u cant replace a person sooooo no.

Would Nick Jonas touch a girl's butt?

Well I think maybe because boys are boys but Nick Jonas not like that. He would never be the kind of person we would see on bail for jail. You know what I am saying.

Which country was named after the person who wrote about it and not the person who discovered it?

That would be north America or the USA as we call it. Actually it was the continent named after the person not the country.

Where can you see Nick Jonas?

You can find a Jonas Brothers concert near you, buy tickets, and then you would see him. But if you want to meet him in person you could get tickets to a meet and greet.

A person who betrays their country?

can someone answer this question please?The person would be a traitor.

Who is the smartest person in the country Ethiopia?

well i would consider that person to be me dumbbo

What kind of personalllty would Nick Jonas like in a girl?

an honest, caring, reliable person who understands him.

Would Joe Jonas date a non-famous person?

deffinately if he actually likes you for real.............!

Would Joe Jonas ever visit a fan at their home?

yes He once did it for a person who won a contest

Which out of the Jonas brothers is the cutest?

I'd say Nick Jonas. Most would agree. Some would say Joe Jonas. But I would definitely say Nick Jonas. (:

How would you define immagrant?

An immigrant is a person entering a country with the intention of settling in that country who is not a citizen of that country.