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Q: Personality changes in a person with a server head injury?
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What is site admin?

The person who has root access to the server. That means, they are the ones with permission to make any changes to any file on that server site.

What is a personalized server?

It is a custom built computer server, basically a computer server specially designed for a specific person, built and designed by that person themselves.

What does outdated client in Minecraft mean?

It means that the server or the person connecting to the server do not have the same game version. If the server is v1.7.2 and the person connecting to the server only has v1.7.0 then they can't talk to each other. Or it can be the other way around. They both have to have the same version of the game.

What is ritzscape?

It is a RuneScape Private Server (RSPS). A RSPS is basically a "fake" RuneScape, owned and hosted by a single person. There are certain changes to the game that benefit the players.

If a person at a workstation sending data to a file server is an example of what?

A person standing a workstation sending a document to a file server is an example of the client/server architecture.

I worked for a company before as a server when i went back to that company to get rehired the manager says she would not hire me for a server but for cashier or bakery can she do this?

Unfortunately, Yes. Even if you were out on a valid worker's compensation injury, they do not have to save your job after a period of time. Once your position is replaced, then it would be illegal to fire that person so you would get the job.

At the level you can make configuration changes that are server specific You can also perform maintenance tasks for a specific server?

DNS server. In MCTS MWS2008NIC. page 224

What is the DNS server in which changes are made for a particular zone and then propagated to other DNS servers?

The prefered DNS server for the site is the server which sends the dns zone updates to all the other servers in the site. The primary DNS zone is created on the server and it has the authority to send changes in zone to other servers

What is a website administrator?

The person that controls the website, usually the owner but could be defined as the 'person authorised to make changes' - so the developer, the owner, maybe their son / daughter - anyone who has the knowledge and the passwords to access the server the site resides on.

Can you make changes in ad in any server in domain or only in domain controller?

The server which is domain controller only that server has AD installed on it others are just member servers which does not have AD on them but has only windows 2003 OS.So you can make changes in ad related servers or DCs only. You can install AD on member server that is the only thing you can do on member server related with Ad

What is Client-Server Networking?

A server is a database--on a server. The client is: a person on a PC connected to the server via odbc querying the database. A database is only an app on the server. You can have a domain controller, a mail server, a nat server, web hosting... doesnt matter whats on it. And the client wouldn't really be person, a person is referred to as a user. A client is generally the computer. So what is client server networking? Its when you have perhaps 4 clients all using the server for something. The server kinda being like a master. But usually most clients will look to the server for their network settings (DHCP), and perhaps NAT etc..... But like the above person mentioned you can have database's on your server. But your not just limited to database's, you can have mail server's, web servers, app server etc....

What is a server watcher?

a server for a royal or famous person and he watches out for them

What do you call a person who serves papers?

process server process server

How can you turn on a minecraft server if you didn't make it?

You can't. Only the person with the server files on their computer can turn the specific server on.

What is a bukkit server?

A Bukkit server is a server made by other people that the person added a Bukkit plugin which is a plugin made from Bukkit.

When playing counter strike you get a message LAN servers are restricred to local clients class cwhat is this?

A LAN server is started on a computer. By default, it is only the person that uses that computer who will have access to the server( unless its a dedicated server, but that is different). If that person wishes to make his/her server public, then he can allow other people to enter his/her server by writing in console the command sv_lan 0. Most likely you have tried to access a server that was only made so that the person who started it can play on it.

What makes a computer a server?

Any computer can become a server because at its core a server is any node that provider a service to another person.

Could you connect the Zebra P330i to a Print server?

Yes, a person can connect the Zebra P330i to a print server. All the person needs to do is read the instructions.

How does the job of a server and a hostess differ?

A hostess is a person who is at the front and organizes where the clients will be served. On the other hand, a server is the person who actually takes the orders and serves the food.

In Tennis doubles is it allowed that the server's partner is in the same side of the server?

No that is not allowed. The server stays on one half and the other person stays on the other half.

Do you have to pay for a minecraft server?

Your own server, no unless you make other people pay to get on. Public Servers, depends on the person running the server.

What is the purpose of a VisualSVN Server?

The purpose of VisualVSN server is to provide an interface to perform the most common revision or changes in the control operations inside the IDE or visual studio.

How do you become admin on your server in counter strike source?

well if you pay for your own server and you are the administrator you should have that already if not check with your server provider. If its not your server the person who does own that server can give you the admin powers to that server if he chooses to. Again by asking the server provider to add you to the list of admins. Or if he knows how he can easy do it him self

What is Microsofts email server?

Microsoft mail server is the high ending machine that stores only Microsoft based mails. In other words these are the servers that sotres emails. when you send an email to a person and that person is not available so the mail server saves your message until the person to whom you wanted to send that messgage log on to his mail address and when he/she does, the mail server sends your message to him/her. That's it.

How many zones on a volleyball court?

6 cause the server is 1 the person beside him/her is 2 the person by him/her is 3he preson in front is 4 the person beside and again server is 6 here u go!!