Pete and repeat were on a boat pete jumps out who is left on the boat?

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Repeat. Right now. I did not understand the question.
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What is PETE?

Pete is a short form of the male given name Peter. PETE is the acronym for P oly e thylene T er e phthalate, the common polymer used to create plastic food jars and plast

Is Pete Rose left handed?

Right Handed . Pete Rose threw right handed, and batted from both sides of the plate.

Did Jonna jump out of the boat?

No, he built it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you mean the biblical Jonah, technically he was thrown overboard. He had disobeyed God who told h

What is left on a boat?

Well the left side of a vessel used to be called the "Larboard" side of the vessel, while the right side was referred to the "Sterboard" side, this being the side steering gea

What happens if you jump off the boat?

well if the boat drives/float away and your far from shore if you cant swim its 98 percent of a chance that you might die from drowning so please DO NOT TRY IT
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Why does pete?

Head. Soccer
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Why did pete best from the beatles left the band?

When Lennon, McCartney and Harrison learned that Martin and theengineers preferred replacing Best with a session drummer for theirupcoming recording session, they considered u