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You can simply buy a headset for your phone, and plug it in. What I don't like is you only have one speaker. I know phone carriers sell actual headphones for cellular phones, but they're pretty pricy.

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If I am listening to internet radio on my computer through my Bluetooth headphones and I get a phone call on my iPhone will my headphones be able to answer the phone call?

Not unless the headphones are equipped with a microphone. Hands-free headsets contain both a speaker & a microphone. Bluetooth headphones (for listening to music) don't normally incorporate a microphone.

Does HTC sensation Xe have built in beats speaker?

no you use the ibeats headphones that come with phone

How does the sound travel between the phone?

Through the Speaker.! ;D

What is the difference between cell phone headphones and regular headphones besides the size of the jack?

Cell phone headphones are most likely to be 2.5mm, while regular headphones are 3.5mm.

What kind of cell phone headphones are most universally compatible?

Nextag cell phone headphones can be used on any cell phone.

Can I use headphones to listen to music on my cell phone?

Yes, as long as your cell phone has the necessary port to plug in the headphones.

What is more worth buying a Phone or headphones?

a phone you nipnum!

Can I play music through my stereo from my phone using a jack?

You may be able to play music through your stereo from your phone using an AUX cable if your stereo and phone have an AUX port. It may also work in the headphones port.

How do you turn the speaker on a Blackberry Curve?

To turn speaker phone on:Press the $ button during the call. This will activate the speaker phone feature and switch from the ear piece to the speaker. Press it slowly, tapping it twice will cancel it before the speaker has a chance to turn on.To turn speaker phone off:Press the $ button while the call is in progress and the speaker phone is on. This will shut down the speaker phone option and return the sound from the speaker to the ear piece.

Do studio headphones by dre use batteries?

No They Are Like Regular Headphones You Plug Them Into Your Phone Or Mp3

Where are the batteries on beats headphones?

Headphones do not use batteries, they use a power source such as an iPod or mobile phone.

Can headphones in a cell phone cause a heart attack?


What happens to your voice when you talk into a mobile phone?

your voice causes vibrations on a speaker like object (the microphone) and as the diaphragm of the film moves back and forth it moves a magnet creating electrical signals...this is then transmitted through the air to the phone tower where it is sent to another phone and the phone decodes it and does the same thing the microphone did...but it creates noise instead of receiving it

What kind of headphones can you use for your env3 phone?

Any type of headphone is fine - but don't use i-pod headphones !

Can headphones from North America be used in the UK when plugged into a computer?

If the headphones work on a PC in the US, then they will work on UK PCs. However if your headphones come from a cell phone, then they will not.

Can you use your regular home speaker phone with skype?

No, you just use your computer. It makes the calls through your internet.

When talking on a phone the voice is transformed into electrical energy This energy passes over wires or is transmitted through the air Into what kind of energy does the speaker in the phone on the?


What is Softphone?

Softphone is short for Software Phone, which means that it is a computer program that you install on your PC which behaves like a telephone. Instead of a handset, you use headphones and a microphone attached to your computer.

What does kiss you through the phone mean?

It means when you have an iphone and you make a kiss with it. It's a webcam on a phone. you talk while seeing them on a phone instead of just talking to them on the phone. :)

How can you use headphones with your phone?

you cant but if you get someone to mix the wirse then you can

What are the uses for headphones?

To plug them into your phone or iPod and listen to music!

How can you use a cell phone held away from your head?


Why is my Mobile phone speaker volume too low?

Your mobile phone speaker volume may be too low if the volume settings within the phone are set too low or the speaker is failing. Water and dirt can also obstruct a speaker and limit its output.

Is FM radio on chocolate touch free?

Yes, the FM Radio is free! But you have to plug in headphones to make the radio work because the LG Chocolate Touch uses the wires of the headphones as an antenna. However, you still have the option of listening through the phone's speakers instead of the headphone's speakers... as long as some sort of headphones are at least plugged into the headphone slot (even broken headphones would work! as long as there is still wire going into the phone's headphone slot)! Very fun phone! Source: I own a LG Chocolate Touch VX-8575

Why are headphones known as headphones when you do not talk through them?

The "phone" part of the word is being used as its root word meaning "sound," rather than a short way of saying "telephone." Therefore, the word, taken literally, means "head sound."