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Photo tickets increase auto insurance?


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Photo tickets are considered a moving violation. Moving violations will increase your auto insurance premiums if you are found guilty. When you pay the fine associated with your photo ticket, you are admitting guilt. If you go to court and fight the ticket, you can request traffic school. Going to traffic school or fighting the ticket are the only two ways to prevent an increase in your insurance rates.


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Tickets and at fault accidents are the two primary causes of rising insurance rates.

Your auto insurance should be lowered if you do not have an accident or tickets for a year.

You won't see a huge increase or maybe any at all. They will not look at your new points or tickets until it is time to renew your insurance.

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Speeding tickets have negative effects on auto insurance rates. If your insurance company learns that you frequently get speeding tickets, they will label you as someone more likely to be in an accident. This again means that they may charge you more for the insurance, and give out less in case of an accident. Or they may plainly not want to insure you.

A non-standard auto insurance carrier is an insurance company that insures higher risk drivers - such as drivers with multiple tickets or accidents and/or poor credit.

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Auto Insurance rates are higher right now. They will get higher each year. If you don't want them to stay high, avoid getting in auto accidents, and tickets.

Contact your agent or the policy services dept. of your insurance carrier for the answer to your question.

To qualify for cheap auto insurance you need to avoid accidents, speeding tickets and most of all DUIs. If you're willing to drive a motorcycle rather than a car this will reduce your insurance as well.

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