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You get super horny :)

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Q: Pinching the ear lobe and shaking it gently while raising the eyebrows?
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In Portugal pinching the ear lobe and shaking it gently while raising the eyebrows means?

tu pinche mama

In Portugal pinching the ear lobe and shaking it gently while raising the eyebrows means what?

When someone in Portugal pinches their ear lobe and shakes it gently while raising their eyebrows, it means that something is really good

How do you ensure your penis and pant are free from urine after peeing?

By shaking the excess gently from it after peeing and washing with a little water or in the absence of water, dry with tissue.

What is the meaning when the guy always touching your hair or head gently or sometimes pinch your arm?

This means the guy you are talking about cares for you, he is careful with you .. touching you gently, he feels the need to touch you, he is passionate also he is pinching your arm to remind you of himslef, that he is still there .. he wants your attention. he likes you .. go get him :)

How could you remove small stones from uncooked rice?

Try shaking it gently to and fro in a shallow bowl. The stones will be heavier than the rice and should rise to the top so you can pick them out

How do you use the herb mint in floral arrangements?

Gently squeezing or pinching the leaves will release the oils / aroma in most "mints". The period of time the "mint" will still give you your desired affect depends on a number of things: Humidity, airflow around, the area, and of course, humidity.

A bag of flour has been tip into a box of cornflakes what is the easiest way to get the flour out?

You might try pouring the mess into a colander or sieve and gently shaking it. The flour should run through the mesh while the cornflakes stay behind.

What are Three properties of a good pharmaceutical suspension?

1. any sediment (solid material) which accumulates when stored is readily dispersed. 2. After gently shaking, the medicine stays in suspension long enough for a dose to be accurately measured 3. The suspension is pourable

What is comparative and superlative of gently?

more gently, most gently

What are the superlative and comparative of gently?

most gently, more gently

Can you cheat the pokewalker by shaking it?

No because i tyred that and it didn't work i don't no why but when you trade your Pokemon back its only level up by 1 You can shake the pokewalker, but it is very tiring to do so, but if you gently do it, its not so exhausting, but will still be shaking for an awful long time, at least several hours.

Is gently a noun?

No, gently is an adverb.