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They convert light into chemical energy.


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Chemical energy (the food they store, in form of sugar).

Photosynthetic energy is one type of energy used in plants. It is an energy that comes from light. This also depends on the type of light the plant gets.

Type of energy that plant transform into chemical energy is Light

Chemical energy to light energy

Energy from the sun in EM radiation (visible light)

Depends on the type of energy being converted at hand

Glucose, which is a type of sugar. The equation for photosynthesis is carbon dioxide plus water plus light equals glucose and oxygen. Plants then store glucose as starch.

Light energy, of which mostly comes from the sun - thereby solar energy.

during photosynthisis SOLAR energy is the type of energy which plants turn into chemical energy

Light or Electromagnetic energy depending on how spesific you want but electromagnetic is the more technical answer. FOR STUDENTS TAKING THE SCIENCE MSP ITS LIGHT ENERGY.

Photosynthesis is the process used by plants to convert light energy, usually in the form of solar energy from the sun, into chemical energy that is stored in carbohydrate molecules.

No potential energy is converted from sunlight, sunlight provides light energy.

what type of energy does food give to plants and animals

what type of energy do plants use to make food

Light has heat and light energy. Example is bulb.

light and chemical for more info. checkPhotosynthesis involves what two types of energy? on this page!

This type of energy change is utilized to generate electricity (power) in hydraulic power plants. The potential energy stored in the water at the top converts to kinetic energy as it falls (and turns giant turbines).

Light is a type of energy known as radiant energy.

Plants depend on light for their life.

Light is a type of radiant energy.

Just 2 of the possible answers:Plants use external energy - light (photo-electric energy) for photosynthesis and make glucose. So in this example light energy --> chemical energyMany living organisms use chemical energy stored in their cells as fat/glucose/starch/ATP for heat and movement. So chemical energy --> thermal energy or chemical energy --> kinetic energy.

Electromagnetic Energy

energy occurs from the light as it gives the plants sunlight to hepl them produce there on food by olivia brianne hogan

light is a type of energy, it travels in packets of energy called photons

It means that a light bulb converts one type of energy to a different type of energy.

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