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No, but they do need the nutrients commonly found in the soil, and nitrogen fixing soil bacteria are extremely beneficial, though not technically necesary, to plants.

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Why do humans need soil?

humans need soil to grow trees to get oxygen and where would we be without oxygen and soil helps plants grow and not all plants need soil air plants do not need soil.

What is in soil that plants need?

What plants need from soil is nutrients like what is found in fertilizer.

Why do plants in water not grow but plants in soil do?

The soil has nutrition that plants need.

Why do plants need soil?

Plants do not need soil. Plants in nature grow in the environment so grow in soil. When cultivated commercially they can be grown in other mediums including moisture only. plants need soil because it has the nutrients!

How do plants grow and what do they need?

Plants grow from what they need is the sun, soil, water, and the nutrients in the soil.

Do bamboo plants need soil?

Yes need soil.

Why do plants need rich soil?

the soil helps plants receive the minerals and nutrients they need to grow.

Why does soil need plants?

The roots of the plants help prevent soil erosion.

What do plants need that animals don't?

Plants obviously need soil to grow and animals doesn't need soil, they need food and water

Why do plants need compost?

Plants do not need compost, compost is a soil conditioner and will improve the soil structure and the plants will benefit and grow better.

What do plants and animals do to soil?

Plants observe water from soil and grow and animals need soil for their shelter and & for food.

Which plants do not need soil to grow?

all plants

What plants don't need soil?

Air plants

Why plants need soil to grow.?

Plants need soil to grow otherwise they couldn't absorb the water and they would die.

Do pea plants need rotten soil?

soil sub

Are there plants that do not need soil?

if its a plant it needs soil or dirt

Why do humans need soil to live?

Because in soil, plants grow and we eat those plants.

Why do plants need good soil to grow?

so they can get the minerals from the soil that they need to grow

What do plants need from soil?


What do you need when making the plants?


Do plants need salt in there soil?


Do all plants need soil to live?

No they need water, light and minerals. Some plants don't need soil: Ex: clavel del aire.

Why do plants and animals need soil?

because all the people need it and in it grow the plants

Plants obtain the mineral nutrients they need from?

Plants obtain the minerals they need from ,the soil.

Do plants need soil to survive?

Marine plants do not need soil. Lichens can grow on rocks where there is no soil. However, they are slow-growing. Most land-based plants do need soil, however. Plants which normally grow in soil can be successfully grown hydroponically (in water only). This is achieved by providing nutrients (fertilizers) and air to the water which meet the nutritional needs of plants being grown.