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It Is Impossible To Move Pokemon, From Pokemon Blue Or Pokemon Silver To Pokemon Platinum Version.

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What is the Maid Challenge in Pokemon Platinum?

the maid challenge on Pokemon platinum is your an idiot an really really really need a life -flitter fairy

How do you catch lotad in Pokemon Platinum?

where to catch lotad in Pokemon platinum i really need one to complete the national dex

How do you go to Pokemon platinum Kanto?

huh i dont really get the questio are you asking this How do you get to kanto in platinum: you cant

What is in wayward cave in platinum?

really nothing but pokemon, trainers and an item

How do clone Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

don't dude you cant just get action replay its really cool and the only fun way to play platinum glad i could help

How do you trade from Pokemon Platinum to Pokemon White?

you cant really''trade'' but you can transfer Pokemon from platinum to Pokemon white by going to thids science lab after beating the game near the white forest(must have 2 DS's)

Is Pokemon platinum really out in the US?

Not yet. It comes out March 22, 2009.

Where do you find swuikun on Pokemon platinum?

If you really mean SUICUNE - well, it does not appear in there.

In Pokemon platinum which Pokemon can use rock climb?

Lucario! Hope This is useful, as Lucario is a really cool pokemon. :-)

Pokemon Platinum how to get a light ball?

It is really hard to get one. On Pokemon Platinum you need to find PIchu/Pikachu and catch it or use thief and if your lucky enough it will be holding a light ball. I

How do you get hoho on Pokemon Platinum?

you cant get hoho beacose there is law in Pokemon platinum that say that hoho is bad and he was vanisht forever but i really do think that hoho sucks lugia is actually stronger.

Who is the best flying pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

its an opinion question really. so i think Dragonite is the best.

How do you get Pokemon White to Pokemon Platinum?

Unfortuneatly U cant because they have different pokemon. I could ellaberate but there really is no need.

Can you catch ninetales in Pokemon platinum?

no you can't but i really wan't one too!! sorry

Is there a way to change your appearance in Pokemon platinum?

I Wish I Really Do But I Don't Think You Can. Sorry!

Can you get ten ribbons in one day on Pokemon platinum?

not really, unless you do 10 contests

How do you get all 3 starter Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

well what u have to do is is have Pokemon platinum and or either Pokemon pearl or diamond. U restart your Pokemon pearl/diamond and choose your starter. then at your nearest Pokemon center enter the union room and also you must have your Pokemon platinum in the union room as well then easily just trade i really hope i helped! There will be lots more coming from me!!!!

What if you miss all Pokemon events for Pokemon platinum?

then that really sucks... but on the bright side they might have gamestop events!

Can you go to the distortion world on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Sorry, but you can't. If you really DO want to go there, you have to get Pokemon platinum.

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