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sec 265a doesn't apply in socio -economic cases. against woman ,and child uder 14th yrs of age.

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Can an individual apply for section 8 to rent out houses?

Yes, an individual can apply to rent out a house under Section 8. In order to find out if you qualify, visit

When you can apply for section 8?

apply fro section in a different state

Can you apply for section 8 if you are 17 years old?

i was tring to apply for section 8

If your eighteen can you apply section 8?

if your 18 you can apply for section 8 , but only if your an dependent

What is the process of administering a collective bargaining agreement?

Collective bargaining are negotiations involving the representatives of an employer and an employee for terms and conditions of employment. These terms and conditions will apply to the employee.

How do you registerd a nidhi company under section 620-A of companies act?

In order to register as a nidhi company in India under section 620-A of companies act, you will have to apply at the Ministry of Corporate Affairs headquarters.

How do I apply for a section 8 apartment?

You can apply for section 8 apartment online as well as in the local office. The website at which you can apply for it is

How do you apply for section 8 lees summit Missouri Jackson county?

Can i apply for section 8 on the internet.

where can i find postal service jobs online?

You can apply through the us post office website under the career section

What agreement of the new deal stated that unions could implement collective bargaining?

The Labor Relations Act of 1935 was a part of the New Deal that stated unions could implement collective bargaining tactics. This law was recently tested in Wisconsin because teachers wanted to apply this rule to the teacher's union. It failed, however, because collective bargaining does not apply to public employees.

Can you apply for section 8 housing at age 17?

Not if you're under age, and not emancipated. If you have a court order which shows that you are emancipated for the purposes of entering legal binding contracts, then you probably can apply.

Where do I apply for Section 8 in Orlando, Florida and can you apply online?

Apply at Jackson Housing for Section 8301 Steward Avenue, Jackson, MI- (517) 787-6140

how can i do section housing myself?

It is relatively to to become a section 8 landlord. You can apply to through your local HUD housing authority or apply through a section 8 participant.

Who can apply for section 8 housing?

Anyone of adult age can apply.

Can you have a misdeminor and have section 8?

can you apply for section 8 if you have a misdeminor charge

What has the author George W Angell written?

George W Angell has written: 'Faculty bargaining under trustee policy' -- subject- s -: Collective bargaining, College teachers, Universities and colleges, Faculty 'Trustees and collective bargaining' -- subject- s -: College employees, College trustees, Collective bargaining

What are the approaches of collective bargaining?

distributive bargaining and intergrative bargaining

Can students apply for section 8?

A student can apply for Section 8 as long as they are at least 18 years of age. They will also have to prove their income.

Where can you apply for a free section 8 application?

The only place you can apply for section 8 is a Housing Authority, and only if they have an open waiting list.

currently live in an apartment that accepts section eight how do i apply for assistance?

You should call your local housing authority to apply for section 8.

Can males apply for section 8?

Of Course

What do you have to do to have your home be a section 8 home?

you apply for section 8 at your local housing authority and if you qualify you can get section 8

Where can I apply a section 8 application?

This depends upon your city and state. A full listing of places to apply for section 8 housing is available at

Types of collective bargaining?

1)integrative bargaining 2)distributive bargaining

Who can apply for section 8 housing assistance?

Basically anyone of adult age can apply.

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