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When your heart beats faster, it gives more oxygen to your body. That means more fuel to run away or to fight.

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What are the effects of exercise on heartbeat?

Exercise increases the rate of the heart beat.

What are the short term effects of the heart on exersice?

It makes it beat faster.

How does an insect's heart beat?

How does an insects heart beat How does an insects heart beat How does an insects heart beat How does an insects heart beat

What effects do depressants have on the body?

They slow or depress breathing, heart beat and other bodily functions.

What is Olly Mur's biggest hit?

Please Don't Let Me Go/Heart Skips A Beat

Side effects of phetermine?

Phentermine is a stimulant that is similar to an amphetamine. The side effects of phentermine are hyperactivity, racing heart beat, and increase or decrease of libido.

What are the effects of mixing Phentermine HCI and alcohol?

The effects of mixing Phentermine HCI and alcohol can cause your heart to rapidly beat. In turn, you could have a heart attack. Mixing these two drugs together can be lethal.

How many times does your heart beat if your heart rate is 70 beats per minute?

if you mean in an hour it would beat 4200 times if you mean a day it would beat 100800 or if you meant in a second it would beat 1.167 times. If this is not what you meant please rephrase the question.

Science fair projects on dance?

you can do how fast music effects the body by being tired. I've heard that the heart beat tries to match the music beat.

Can you feel a heart beat at 8 weeks?

You will not be able to feel a heart beat, but a heart beat can be detected. Usually at around 5 weeks a heart beat can be heard.

Which is faster an adult's heart beat or a kid's heart?

A kids heart beat

What are the harmful effects of the drug called ice?

Mental illness lack of sleep and mades ur heart beat race

Effects of stimulant drugs?

rapid heart beat, twitching eyes, dialated pupils. scratching of the neck, need for a cheesburger.

How many times the heart beat for a second?

How many times the heart beat for a second How many times the heart beat for a second

What is heart beat?

a heart beat is your heart pumping blood through your body and back in. your heart can do this less a minute.

Explain how the heart and the pulse beat at the same time?

because the heart pumps the blood around the body and the pulse there is blood and the blood comes from the heart so heart controls the body second after the brain,let me explain it in this waay in the pulse there is bloood and the blood makes the bump and weher does the blood come from the heart that is a why they pump together and you breath at the same time

What is slow heart beat?

when your asleep your heart beat slows down

Are there people with no heart beat?

yes there are ppl with no heart beat and their dead

When was The Beat of Your Heart created?

The Beat of Your Heart was created in 2008-02.

Does your heart beat faster when your nose is plugged?

no your heart beat is the same

Does a frog have a slow heart beat?

i think it does have a slow heart beat!

What are the side effects from taking est-estrgn-methtest?

Rapid heart beat. Feeling as if I was having a heart attack. Shortness of breath and along with panic attacks.

Does gingko biloba have caffeine in it?

I can't have caffiene and was wondering if the gingko can cause any effects like caffiene does such as a rapid heart beat?

How do you be a contestant on beat the star?

how do you become a contestant on beat the star please answer it please.

Which valve controls the heartbeat?

Valves have nothing to do with heart beat The pacemaker of the heart controls the heart beat