Poet musicians who celebrated romantic love?

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What is a romantic way to celebrate your girlfriend's birthday?

Answer Being a girl I'd say do one of the following: a- Call her on the day of her birthday tell her to be ready at some set time and wear a dress or tell her to dress up for a nice evening. (If it's going to be somewhere out side or cold make sure she brings something warm!) Most girls love to b ( Full Answer )

How many musicians in a typical Romantic period orchestra?

INCLUDE CLOSE TO 100 MUSICIANS Depending on the piece played, I would say that symphonies would tend to have anything between 60 to 80 players, and late romantic music such as Wagner (especially when he wrote music for 18 anvils, and special instruments such as the "Wagner Tuba") could have anyth ( Full Answer )

Why do you love celebrities?

Because their lives revolve around fantasy and the idea of getting everything you want in life. Money and freedom are the bottom line. But those things do not come without dysfunction at its worst. Celebrities lives look like candy on the outside. But in reality, they lead a very discontent and trou ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you love two people romantically?

It is very possible to love two individuals romantically at the same time. However, if one wants a future they need to choose which individual they would rather be with. If the person does not make up their mind they could well lose both love interests. Write down on two separate pieces of paper the ( Full Answer )

Why do people love romantic movies?

People love to see other people happy. Watching romantic moviesgives men and women hope that there is the perfect mate out therefor them.

What is the most romantic love story in films?

I'm willing to bet you get as many different answers to this question as there are people who answer it. My personal favourites are currently While You Were Sleeping and Everafter. ====== Casablanca wins this one! =====

What are romantic things a girl loves?

a girl likes to be alone with a guy, nice girls like nice guys that smell great why bad girls like boys that break the rules, girls like flowers and boys that brush there teeth

A traveling poet musician?

There are many names for this one, depending on the time and place. They include bard; troubadour; the feminine form of troubadour, which is trobairitz; the Norman form, Trouvère; minstrel; jongleur; goliard; scop; and minnesinger, though this was specifically the singer of love songs. There are ( Full Answer )

Who does Claire redfield love romantically?

Must be Leon S. Kennedy, such nice couples.although Steve Burnside in Resident Evil Code: Veronica has a crush on Claire. No one really knows if Claire likes Steve or not.I think Leon and Ada because Claire and Leon are just friends even though they may show there true feelings to each other.On the ( Full Answer )

What did romantic poets believe?

Romantic poets believed that we could find spiritual truth through our emotions and through nature. This is why a lot of their poems are to do with nature. Especially William Wordsworth.

Is Robert Frost a romantic poet?


Poet-musicians who celebrated romantic love?

Troubadours were composers and performers of romantic poetry. Theirsongs mainly dealt with love and the chivalric code. The DukeWilliam IX of Aquitaine is known as the first troubadour. The songsof troubadours exploded late in the twelfth century.

What did the American Romantic poets used?

American romantic poets used literary tools, such as metaphors andsimiles to enhance the meaning of their work. They were also ableto express themselves more freely after the Romantic Movement.

How do you know when a guy loves you romantically?

You don't but a few signs that he might is . staring at you. talking about you. blushing. going all quiet when he sees you. asking you about yourself. giggling around you. and not speaking proply around you and i know because there is this guy that told me he likes me and he does all these things ar ( Full Answer )

Is romantic love true love?

Romantic love does not always mean that the love is true. Some men will try to be romantic to simply get a woman in bed. Of course there are those men in the world that are romantic and there love is true.

Is Shakespeare a poet from the romantic era?

No, Shakespeare is a poet and playwright from the Renaissance. Most of his works are from around 1600; the Romantic period in poetry occurred mostly in the 18th century, its leading members being Keats, Shelley, Byron, Wordsworth, Coleridge and Blake.

Do Christians believe in romantic love?

Christians definitely believe in romantic love, but it's not the most important form of love in our lives. God created man and woman to love one another, marry and stick to their mates until death. Romantic love is a gift from God for the purpose of marriage, which is God's arrangement..(Proverbs 5 ( Full Answer )

Which was not an English Romantic poet?

There were several English romantic poets which wrote during theRomantic Period of the 1800's. Some of these were Keats, LordByron, and William Wordsworth.

What are the differences between a poet and a musician?

A poem is a form of song, which is short, snappy and not to any instruments or tune. Music however is long, lulaby-ish and always to an instrument or tune. A poet writes poems, a musician writes music.

How does courtly love differ from romantic love?

Personally I think courtly love is different because u save urself from sex for marriage and u actually care about the person enough to respect them and not have sex where romantic love is i think where u do whatever 'feels' right where as courting is more of what u want for the other person and sav ( Full Answer )

What are Romantic poets?

Romantic poets are the poets that wrote poems during the Romantic Period (Late 1790's-1830's). Generally the writers of this time had a fascination with youth and innocence. This was the time when people started to question authority and tried to find better ways to live out their daily lives. Indus ( Full Answer )

Does Sasuke love Naruto romantically?

There may be a chance who knows but there relationship is more like a deep friendship since there both males but there are points where you may think that it is more than just friends.Like they kissed twice and Naruto really wants to bring Sasuke back. Sasuke couldn't kill Naruto when they were youn ( Full Answer )

Does romantic love mean happiness?

Answer Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. It depends on the people involved and whether it is real love or not. Romantic love does not always mean real or true love. I believe true love includes romantic love but I don't believe romantic love equals true love.

Why romantic era poets did not write poetry in classical form?

Most romantic era poets like Tennyson did conform to classical form in the matter of rhyme and metre. But ideas and imagery did change with the change and transition in the subtlety of tastes. They retained what were worthy and durable in classicism in poetry, they only changed content, to thrill th ( Full Answer )

What does Nature mean to romantic poets?

Nature is mother's breast milk to almost all poets. It is an intimate truth that many of them consider her as their lover too. Romantic poets especially are imbibed with the loveliness and charm of Nature. To them she is femininity in perfection. And at a stage in their lives, many of the poets will ( Full Answer )

Was John Keats a English Romantic poet?

YES Keats was the youngest romantic poet. what a tragedy "karts was first to born and first to die among romantic poets. Keats was true poet his poetry was for the sake of poetry not for the sake of palpable design........

Is romantic always true love?

No. Because many people experience romance throughout their lifetime, it feels good to be in love. However do not mistake this for true love, because you can be in love with somewho isn't meant for you

How do you say i love you romantically?

Just SAYING it is romantic. Look into his/her eyes, make shure NEITHER of you are distracted, and say it, not too loud, not too quiet, not too fast and not too slow.💑

How do you say I love you to a boyfriend in romantic way?

Say "I love you" from your heart. That is the most romantic way of saying it. You could also say it in another language. If he is from another country, he'll appreciate it if you say "I love you" in his native language. Also, French and Spanish are a couple examples of the "romance languages." "Je t ( Full Answer )

What did Romantic poets do?

They ate and drank, enjoyed life, talked to each other, fell in love, and wrote a lot of poetry.

Which English romantic poet was married to novelist Mary Shelley?

Poet Percy Bysshe Shelley married English writer Mary MaryWollstonecraft née Godwin. They married in 1816. Mary Shelley isbest known for her Gothic novel Frankenstein: or, The ModernPrometheus (1818). Percy Shelly penned works such as hisclassic poems: Ozymandias , Ode to theWest Wind , To ( Full Answer )

How did pre romantic poets lead the way to the development of romanticism?

Pre romantic poets instead of dealing strictly with conflict for the first time employed whimsy for a light approach dabbling with emotion as opposed to the intensity of earlier periods. With this ground laid, humor and emotion found their way into poetry in the romantic period.

What is a romantic way of saying I love you?

There are many different romantic ways to say "I love you", it all depends on the person it is being said by and the person it is being said to. Some methods of going about this task are: composing a song, writing poetry, saying it in a foreign language, or even just saying it spontaneously, when le ( Full Answer )

What is considered to be romantic love?

Romantic love is the kind of love that often describes a relationship where the two in love have nothing but eyes for each other and no care in the world (not even money).

What is your reaction to romantic love?

romanticlove is love defined by a biological and emotionalattatchment to someone but doesn't necessarily imply a sexualinterest.