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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl how to get Spiritomb?


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Getting Spiritomb in DP isn't too easy but you need to have a friend with DP. Both of you go underground using the Explorer Kit and talk to your friend 32 times. But you have to go in and out of your secret base every time you talk to him or it doesn't count. Then go to that stone tower above ground near Solaceon town and put in an Odd keystone. How to get an Odd Keystone:

1. Using Dowsing Machine on pond at bottom of Twinleaf town. 2. A ninja guy west of Hearthome city gives you one. 3. Dig up one underground: Very Rare

Put it in the tower and it will be called the 'Hallowed Tower'. It will say the stones have Shifted and after you meet 32 people underground Spiritomb will be there at level 25. Get more of them or breed it with Ditto.