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Pokemon Diamond for Game Boy advance?


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Pokemon diamond and pearl are exclusive to Nintendo ds or ds lite

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you can not send pokemon from the ds to the game boy advance but you can send pokemon from the game boy advance to the ds

You are not able to catch the regis in Diamond. You can catch them in the Game Boy Advance version of Pokemon Emerald.

A Ds cannot link to a Gameboy Advance even if you have a gameboy advance game in the ds, if you are playing Diamond or Pearl you cannot send Pokemon back to any of the gamboy advance Pokemon games.

Yes, Pokemon FireRed was made for the Game Boy Advance.

I am 100% sure you can not transrer Pokemon from game boy color to your game boy advance. trust me you can not. I tried.

There is no Pokemon Silver game that's exclusively for the Game Boy Advance. While you can play Pokemon Silver on a Game Boy Advance, it was released for the Game Boy.

you can't catch a salamence in Pokemon diamond but you can migrate one from a game boy advance game of Pokemon or use an ar and use the catch trainer's Pokemon cheat and find somebody with a salamence then get one

No. You can only migrate them from previous Pokemon Game Boy Advance Games.

You can't. Pokemon Sapphire version and Pokemon Ruby version where released in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance , there not able to be played on the Game Boy Color, you could sell you're Game Boy Color and get a Game Boy Advance sense Game Boy Color games can as well be played on the Game boy Advance.

No, Pokemon X and Y are 3DS games, so there will be no version of them for the Game Boy Advance. Nintendo is no longer making games for the Game Boy Advance.

Neither of these games are for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance hand held system.

the pokemon games as a whole are the most popular games for the Game Boy Advance

Yes, you can play the game on a Game Boy Advance SP. The Game Boy Advance SP can play both Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, in addition to Game Boy Advance games.

You can't trade Pokemon between GameBoy Color and GameBoy Advance. Sorry.

No. Diamond and Pearl are for the Nintendo DS.

Pokemon leaf green is a Nintendo Game Boy Advance game cartridge. This can be played on the following systems: Nintendo Game Boy Advance Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Nintendo Game Boy Advance Mini Nintendo DS Nintendo DSlite Nintendo Gamecube Gameboy player

for diamond/pearl I think they are working on it but for platinum I'm not sure but when I search you-tube I saw footage and game-plays about it!!!!

No, it is for Game Boy Advance.

yes they are game boy advance games

No, since Pokémon Yellow is on the Game Boy Color, and Pokémon Fire Red is on the Game Boy Advance, it is not possible to trade between these games. The Game Boy Color is not compatible with the Game Boy Advance.

Migrate from a game boy advance game or trade from platinum

yes you can but first you need a game boy SP or game boy Advance you plug the link cable into the gamecube and hook it up to the game boy and then take your game that's ether Pokemon Sapphire Ruby Emerald Leafgreen or Firered and use the park pal to transfer Pokemon !

No, it is an original Game Boy game. The GBA remake was called Pokemon Fire Red version.

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