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Pokemon Diamond help?

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Pokemon Diamond icheat codes?

Type into google Pokemon diamond cheats and it should help you out from there

When i try to migrate from Pokemon leafgreen to Pokemon diamond there is no option to migrate to Pokemon diamond please help?

you need to beat the E4

Pokemon diamond pokedex help what Pokemon is 47?

Number 47 is Mothim

Missingno in diamond?

Missingno is not avalible in Pokemon Diamond without help of the Action Replay.

In Pokemon diamond what is pokerus?

Pokerus is a useful virus that can help you wile your training your pokemon...

Does marcago help hatching eggs in Pokemon diamond?


Glitches for Pokemon diamond?

Google Pokemon diamon glitches sorry im not much help

How do you get every Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

Use cheats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol an action replay will probably help

Where can you get a riolu in Pokemon diamond?

You can get an egg from Riley on Iron Island if you help him.

Pokemon Diamond What is the poke radar?

it is a machine that can help u find Pokemon in the wild lik bagon in Pokemon platnium

How come on Pokemon diamond the Import Pokemon option doesnt show up for me Please help?


Where are Pokemon Diamond cheats?

Pokemon Diamond Cheats are codes that help you throughout the game. Here are some of them:

Can you trade Pokemon from diamond to platinum?

yes if they are both yours get a friend to help you.

What happened to buck in Pokemon diamond?

after u help him he goes to the "battle tower"

Where do you see wooper in Pokemon diamond?

You can find it at great marsh,pastoria does this help?

How do you get love meter in Pokemon Diamond?

fight whit your pokemon, and the love meter go higher i hope it will help you :)

How do you obtain Palkia in Pokemon Diamond?

It is impossible to get Palkia in Pokemon Diamond! Someone has to either trade it to you or you have to find a cheat-hack code online, for the cheat device, that will help you obtain it.

Cool Pokemon in diamond?

The coolest Pokemon in diamond would be Lucario, a fighting and sttel type Pokemon. To get one, you have to help Riley on Iron Island and he will give you a riolu egg. Hatch it and evolve it (by happiness) to get a Lucario.

Where to find a hiker underground in diamond?

Pretty much any where just look. if this does not help go on Google and put Pokemon diamond underground hikers (if u don't have diamond put which Pokemon game u have) That simple

How do you get all three starter Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

If you have another copy of Pokemon Diamond or have Pearl or Platinum with a different DS, you can trade between systems and have one of them start a new file and pick the Starter you are missing to trade to your primary Pokemon Diamond file. It'd be easier to have a friend help you as well.

What is a zap plate in Pokemon diamond?

It powers up Electric-type moves when held by a Pokemon. Hope I could help.

Is there a website that can set up trades for the gts on Pokemon diamond?

People on GameFAQs might be able to help.

How do you get kyoger in Pokemon Diamond with action replay?

.Hey!Goooch fake gps, an app can help you virtual positioning. Come on!

How do you catch magneton on Pokemon diamond?

i don't know plz help and find d answer

Where is the cave painting in Pokemon diamond?

well its in mtcoronet if you need help with the sunnyshoe gym.