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Pokemon Emerald cloning glitch?

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Go to for all your pkmn cheats. for this glitch, go to cheats, GameShark, emerald. i( as an admin) added a section of cheats that DONT require gameshark. the clone glitch is the last.

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There is a cloning glitch in the battle frontier.

There is a cloning glitch in emerald.

in Pokemon sapphire there isn't a cloning glith there is only one in Pokemon emerald

Pokemon emerald because of the cloning glitch

go to and look up cloning glitch and it will tell you

U cant it only happens in emerald using the emerald cloning glitch.

if you are cloning at the battle frontier you better follow the correct steps.Try this website But you should not lose your original pokemon.

use the Pokemon cloning glitch and have the cloned Pokemon hold the rare candy.

use the cloning glitch and have the cloned Pokemon hold the rare candy

yes, the cloning glitch, sedinja glicth, and more, i cant tell though.

You need a Gameshark code, or, if you have a friend that has beaten Pokemon emerald already, you just trade the Pokemon over to them and let them do the cloning glitch. So what i am basicly saying is that you cant clone early in Pokemon emerald.

yes there is a cloning glitch and none othe r i no

yes there are there is the cloning glitch at the battle tower which clones your Pokemon and you get it back at the same lvel and every thing but you have 2 of them (this glitch can delete Pokemon from the game just a warning).

Give your Master Ball to a Pokemon to hold, then clone it in Emerald with the cloning glitch.

You have to do the cloning glitch with pokemon that are holding rare candies to have infinite amounts of them. As long as you never use your last rare candy, you can make more.

no there is no missingno glitch in emerald

You can't Unless you know the glitch.

eather use the box glitch or use a action replay. go then go to the bulbagarden and type in Pokemon cloning glitch or you can Google Pokemon cloning glitch. i don't know if this will work but u can try it.

get the first master ball from aqua's hideout outside of lilycove.. and then use the "cloning" glitch available in any emerald version :)

Q is only in RBY. Glitch Pokemon do not stay from generation to generation; the only glitch Pokemon you can get in RSE are Bad Eggs and ?.

look up the answer on thats how i figured it out but you should do the cloning glitch and get alot of master balls to catch all three regis and this cloning glitch can be found on youtube also.

You can't get Rayquaza in Ruby or Sapphire unless you trade it. you can, if you know the cloning glitch for Emerald, clone your Rayquaza and trade one to your Ruby Version.

You must have first beaten the elite four? Then you will be able to go to The Battle Frontier. There you can go to the battle tower were you can use the copy glitch.

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