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Pokemon FireRed how do you get on island seven?


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YOu must have beaten the sevn gym's and the elite four, plus your Rival. Once this is completed you need to go and capture 60 diffrent pokemon. Then go and speak to Oak and he gives you a item. Now go to island one and speak to Cleio and he tells you to get him two Gem's. once you have them he gives you a pass for the other four island, island 4, 5, 6, and 7.


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Island Seven. In the ruins.

It is on Seven Island, to the north.

Larvitar is in Seavault Canyon, which is on Seven Island. (Need rainbow pass to get to Seven Island).

On seven island in sevault canyon.

Cubones can be caught on Seven Island.

Cinnibar island if your going in order.

There is no island 9 in either Pokemon FireRed or LeafGreen. Whoever told you this is very off. There are Seven Islands (Sevii Islands)

Yes, go to Sevault Canyon in Seven Island.

Evolve Larvitar, which you get at Seavault Canyon on Seven Island.

Onix can be found on seven island, six island and rock tunnel.

You must beat the seven gym leaders, the elite four, and your rival. Then you have to capture 60 Pokemon to get your Rainbow pass the will allow you to travel to Island 7 in Pokemon FireRed.

The strongest wild pokemon can be found in either Cerulean Cave or Seven Island.

You find it in the grass in sevault canyon on seven island.

On seven island in sevault canyon its semi-rare.

yes there are unown Pokemon in fire red. you have to go to the Tanoby Ruins on seven island

8 Island does not exist. Only the sevii islands. There are seven islands in leafgreen and firered. Four of them can only be visited after finishing the game.

u can find it in the grass of seven island .It is in seuvault canyon

Larvitar can be found in the grass in Sevault Canyon on Seven Island.

you can find a kings rock on seven island in sevault canyon.

Larvitar is found near the Canyon Entrance in Seven Island.

It is said that when you get all unknown you will get something i think a pokemon but i am not sure

Skarmory is a slightly rare pokemon it occasionally appears on Seven Island at Sevault Canyon.

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