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There no Mew in firered.


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Because the key to open the door is hidden in the Pokemon Mansion.

get the key in the od mansion on cinabargo to cinnibar island, then go in that place next to the gym and look for secret key. then get out and then you can go in the gym in cinabar island

its at a place called I.P.P. (not joking)there is a pokeball take it. If there is than tell me where it is i checked on the internet and there's no such thing as I.P.P. you actually get it in the Pokemon mansion in cinabar island

Growlithe is found in the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island in Pokemon Firered.

You can Capture a Ditto in Pokemon Mansion ( Situated in Cinabar Island )Hope i Helped , If i did , Recommend me Please .

its is the island on the bottom left of the map

you can find it in the Pokemon mansion in cinnabar island

go to the pokemon mansion on cinibar island

its to the left of the pokemon gym on cinnibar island

on Cinnabar Island.Pokemon mansion is on cinnabar island if you don't know how to get there go to pallet town then go south surfing on one of your Pokemon and there your at cinnabar island.

in platinum/diamond/pearl, oreburgh city,the museum. in leafgreen/firered, the lab on cinabar island.

After you beat Baline in cinabar island, he gives you TM fire blast

The Pokemon Mansion is located on Cinnabar Island in the Kanto region. The mansion is burnt down and abdomen but got its name for the Pokemon researched that used to live there.

u can find growlithe inside Pokemon mansion, which is on cinnebar island.

you can find it in the Pokemon mansion its on massicre island in the grass beware rank 65 Pokemon hide in that grass

in Pokemon blue you can get the Pokemon vulpix to the left of lavender town. or later on in the game in cinabar island you can go to the abandoned mansion and get a few fire types there.

Articuno is found in a cave in the water across from cinabar island. You need Surf Stength and a few other HMS

In the old, burnt-down mansion on Cinnibar Island.

go to cinnabar island and once you beat the Pokemon mansion Bill will come out and offer you to go with him to first island.

If you mean Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen on the GBA, the mansion is in the top left corner of Cinnabar Island. (home of the seventh gym)

You can't find him in the mansion. He's found at the top of Mt.Ember on First Island.

Either train a Koffing or catch one in Pokemon mansion which is located on Cinnibar Island.

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