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Pokemon Yellow were can you get a fire stone?


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Buy them at the Celadon Department Store fourth floor.


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i think the only way is trade from Pokemon red, blue or yellow

you have to either give it a fire stone, water stone, or a leaf stone and those will evolve the evee that you have

Use a Fire, Water, or Thunder Stone.

buy them at the celadon city dept store

You cant find it, you evolve it from a vulpix, then evolve it with a fire stone.

Collect yellow and red shards and take them to the treasure hunter just to the west of mossdeep.

A fire stone is used on certain Pokemon to make them evolve. The Pokemon that evolve with a fire stone are: ~Evee ~Vulpix ~Growlithe

no Pokemon evolves with a fire stone in Pokemon platinum except eevee which turns in to flareon

Pansear uses a fire stone to evolve into Simisear.

in pokemon silver how to get a fire stone is where the weired tree a kid name alan will give you a fire stone if you give him your number

All Pokemon that evolve with the assistance of a Fire Stone: Vulpix Growlithe Eevee Pansear. So, no Pokemon in the third generation require a Fire Stone to evolve.


A total of three Pokemon evolve using the Fire Stone: Vulpix, Eevee, and Growlithe.

There is no Sun Stone in Pokémon Yellow; it was introduced in Generation II.

to evolve fire Pokemon

well i don't know if you can get them on Emerald but if you get an Eevee and give it a fire stone you will get a Flareon.Just get some fire Pokemon and try it out !.

u look in the deep water east of lilycove and you'll find a red shard or a blue yellow or green shard green=leaf stone blue=water stone yellow=thunder stone red=fire stone

Trade a red shard with the hunter to get a fire stone.

Fire stone evolves Pansear into Simisear.

You get the fire stone on the first dock of castelia city.

In Generation I (Red, Blue and Yellow), the Fire stone can be purchased at the Celedon Department store on the 4th floor. These are the only games, aside from the remakes (Fire Red and Leaf Green) where you can purchase the evolutionary stones. Vulpix, Growlithe and Eevee all evolve with a Fire Stone.

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