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Pokemon diamond how powerful can your rival possibly be?


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when it comes to you can only fight him Saturday and Sunday in fight area by battle tower

most Pokemon between 65 and 68


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Your rival is your childhood friend that you get to name at the beginning of the game.

You only have one rival (or do you mean the second time you battle your rival?)

Arceus Do not have a rival yet But It should have One and It Should be A Powerful Legendary Pokemon. (^_^)

you talk 2 your rival and she/he gives you one

your rival will have one and so will you. A trainer will have the last one.

mainly its your rival inpokemon platinum but Cynthia on Pokemon diamond and pearl

Zoey is the girl from the Diamond/Pearl tv show who becomes Dawn's rival. She is a Pokemon coordinator at the Pokemon contests. Zoey is not in the games, however.

You quickly take the game out from the slot and then you get a special Pokemon you idiot

No, although someone does have a monferno somewhere.

go in the lake enterance and he or she should be there.

if your Pokemon are on a high enough level, every weekend you can battle you rival

Um... where is what after you battle your rival?In case you are talking about your rival he's in the Fight Area. If that is not the case please specify and try again. Thank you and have a nice day.

at the fight area keep going north where your rival is

The wild yellow hair friend in the game; he's in the introduction of the game.

Hi Lucas is the professers assistant. He has the third starter Pokemon (the one you or your rival haven't picked).

Buy them at Veilstone City where Ash's rival to TV series Pokemon Diamond & Pearl. From Akatsukiiub1

The reason that you rival wants to fight you after you get heatron is because he wanted to battle and catch it so he is dissiponted

I Named Mines Barry On Pokemon Pearl And On Pokemon Diamond James And On Pokemon Platinum MichaelJ

You can go to battle tower, vs you rival, catch legendary pokemon you can catch garratina in dimond look on youtube.

When you go to Stark Mountain you will meet your rival (you won't battle him/her). After that you will be able to face him at the Fight Area on the weekend(Not on Friday).

no he is not. the champion is Cynthia not your rival

It depends, at the end at the Battle Zone his pokemon are:Staraptor, Empoleon, Snorlax, Heracross, Rapidash and Roserade

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