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What is a coupon code?

Coupon code is usually from a store and you can enter it at checkout area. After you enter in the coupon code you usually get a discount on your purchases. It is an online discount code that shoppers apply at the time of checkout at merchant's site in order to get some discounts.

What is the Arctic Antics coupon codes?

Actually, if you try icebox1, it works. it rewards you 20 points. da best 1 is alpine52. it gives u 52 points. Actuually what chuu said is right^^^^Not what i said , but the besstt iss tweet55 It gives youu 55 points so Haa . Here's the best one bluebird gives you 50 and jumbocode gives you ( Full Answer )

What is the coupon code?

If you are asking what a coupon code is, it's a series of numbers and/or letters that companies offer so you can place these characters in the checkout box on their web sites to save money. Companies like Walmart encourage you to shop online at their web site and these codes give you either a percen ( Full Answer )

How do you get legendary Pokemon in Pokemon indigo?

I HAVE ALL OF THE UNOBTAINABLE POKEMON IN POKEMON INDIGO PLUS THERE SHINY PLUS THERE LV 100 ... IF YOU WANT THEM JUST ASK AND WE WILL WORK OUT SOMETHING :):) my usersame is : tomoconnor ill give you an Arceus LV 100. username: pkmnmaster101

What are the Arctic Antics coupon codes?

Coupon Codes . arctic1 . igloo8 . ruler . cooler . snowing . snowshoe99 . yellow99 (gets a banana) . whitewash . jumbocode 100 points! . bluebird . atom . school . wheel . noodle . lemon . nano9 . script . alpine52 . tweet55 . puppet Combination Codes . Wide Green Lea ( Full Answer )

How do you evolve a Pokemon in Pokemon indigo?

go to my zone. click view all my Pokemon/setup battle team. click the Pokemon you want to evolve at the bottom. if it's level is enough, there should be an available evolve. hope this is useful. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

How do you evolve Pokemon in Pokemon indigo?

Pokemon Indigo is not a real game. It is a fake created to copy the real Pokemon games. If you want proof go to Pokemon.com and look in the older news section and look for something about Pokemon indigo. The answer is: go to "my zone", and then to your pokémon setup. if your pokémon is at a ( Full Answer )

How do you catch Pokemon in Pokemon indigo?

with pokeballs of corse :0 yep, pokeballs that you buy in "shop, center, and more" section in Pokemon indigo. Go to pokeshop once you view the options in the "shop, center, and more" bar. Go to the pokeball section, buy it, and go to a map and fight and catch a Pokemon! =]

How do you get shiny Pokemon on Pokemon indigo?

You cant just make them you have to get very lucky and find them they are pretty rare to find but you may have encountered one but didnt know it what it does is when the Pokemon comes out it sparkles and then its also a diffrenet color than the others though it might be a little different but not mu ( Full Answer )

How do you capture Pokemon in Pokemon indigo?

At the start of the battle open your items and leave it open then defeat the Pokemon you want to catch and you can still use an item so just use a pokeball with this you get a much higher catch rate

How do you catch a Pokemon on Pokemon indigo?

On the top toolbar, rollover, don't click, just rollover Shops, Centre and More. Click on the text that says "PokeShop", and then at the new page, above the items you'll see a small toolbar. Click PokeBalls, and buy some. There are four types, Pokeball, Great ball, Ultra ball and Master ball. Once y ( Full Answer )

How do you switch you Pokemon in Pokemon indigo?

goto my zone on the top tabs (by maps) and under your Pokemon, you should see something that says setup my battle team. click that and then you click on the check boxes by your Pokemon to remove and/or add them.

What a coupon code does?

A coupon code is for getting a discount on an online purchase. When you go to a real store (grocery store, etc.) you can use a coupon to get a discount on a particular product. In the online world, you use electronic coupons. They are usually provided as a promotion by a particular site for a discou ( Full Answer )

How do you get Pokemon indigo coupons?

You can go to Google and search coupon for Pokemon indigo and if you get one then they will give you a code and give you a certain amount of money. You can buy anything without using YOUR indigo coins. . All you have to do is pay like 3 dollars which you can get in supermarkets. . You by a coupon ( Full Answer )

What is the code to making money on Pokemon indigo?

There is no code but I suggest that you get 24,000 Ic. Then buy a master ball and TM 01 dragon claw. go to rooms and look for a level 41-50 rayquaza. Catch it with the master ball you bought before. Teach the rayquaza TM 01 dragon claw then battle elite four Drake. Battle until level 70. Then battle ( Full Answer )

What do you do on Pokemon indigo?

catch pokemon, trade pokemon, raise pokemon, buy items, heal pokemon, and etc. it is a lot like the real game but you cant walk around really

How do you get coupon codes?

Out of the several ways to get coupon codes, my preferred ones are to look out in newspapers for latest coupons. You may get some good coupons to save money at your favorite restaurant. Or you may alternatively check out online coupon sites.

What are Amazoncom coupon codes?

Amazon Coupon Code are coupon code you can use when you buy stuff at Amazon.com. Amazon normally offer coupon codes at their coupon center. To redeem a coupon, click on a coupon and then add the item to your cart. The discount will be automatically applied when you check out.

Pokemon indigo how to duplicate a Pokemon?

Well, if I had the game, I would tell you. But I have Platinum, so it should be similar. You probably have to use a PC box, like Platinum. Look it up, but WAIT! You need Action Replay, Use Guru Cheats or something. My best guest is to use the PC boxes.

Can you switch Pokemon in Pokemon indigo?

Of course go to My Zone and choose Setup My Battle Team on the bottom portion check any boxes near the Pokemon you want in your team remember only 6 Pokemon can be in your team to remove Pokemon on your team currently check the boxes near the Pokemon on your team and then choose Remove Selected then ( Full Answer )

Can a Pokemon evolve on Pokemon indigo?

Yes, they can. In order to evolve the pokemon, you just go to your inbox, click your Pokemon, and click "Evolve". If it is able to evolve in its current state, it will.

What are imvu coupon codes for?

coupon codes take anywhere from 10 to 20% off your purchase of credits. you pay less for more credits and the person who created the code gets 1000 credits every time the code is used. its a win win situation! ZG7UDLBTTD is a great code i used it and got 15% off my purchase!!! it expires by 12/11/11 ( Full Answer )

How do you adopt a foopet in the adoption center?

you have to become a club foo member( I don't recommend it because you have to pay a lot so its so unfair to people that cant.) you have to pay $25.00 for 6 months and $40.00 for a year. You can also complete you daily goals for a month.

What is the ourworldcom coupon code for 2011?

there are only coupon codes weakly wich you can get if you download the ourworld toolbar wich is real easy you just go to the top of the screen and click free gems go to where it says ourworld toolbar download it and there you have a weakly coupon code or in other words a coin code.

Are there any coupon codes for jcp.com?

Currently, jcp.com has a free shipping offer for free shipping on orders over $49.00. Use the code SHIP49 for this offer. Also, there is free shipping to your local store by using the code FREESHIP.

What are brookstone coupon codes used for?

Brookstone coupon codes may be used for a variety of things, including free shipping, discounts off of items purchased, bonus items, or promotional items. Codes may be found via email lists or on a variety of coupon sites.