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Pokemon platinum how to find shiny regiice?


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You cant find a shiny regice unless you have action replay


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You can find a Shiny Stone in Route 228 in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. In Pokemon Platinum, you can also find a Shiny Stone on Iron Island.

There is no specific place to find one. It is all a game of luck when you try to find a shiny Pokemon in ANY game.

you can find a shiny magicarp but its a normal chance of being shiny. you can find a lv 100 .

You can find shiny stones on route 228 and Iron island

you can find regiice near the dewford town,surf northwest.

go to lake verity and search until you find a shiny psyduck. then go to the other lakes and every Pokemon will be shiny. It really works. You can also find quite a few shiny Pokemon in Victory Road. I found a shiny Asmurill

There is a 1 in 1861 chance that you will find a shiny Pokemon in the wild. They are just found at random in the wild. There is no specific place.

Yes, you can find shiny Pokemon in Pokemon dimond, pearl, platinum, black and white. To find them it is usually luck or on Pokemon platinum and dimond/pearl you can use the poke radar. You can also get them when there is a shiny Pokemon event at toys r us or gamestop. Hope that helps :)

A Shiny Pokemon can be found anywhere as long as wild Pokemon appear; even legendaries like Palkia or Dialga can appear Shiny! They are just extremely rare with a very low chance of 1/8192 encounters to find a Shiny.

You have to encounter them. but it's less than a 1% chance to find one.

Shiny Pokemon are different colorations of Pokemon you have a 1/8000 chances to see one when you find cresselia hopely its shiny.

As far as I know there is no way to use a secret ID to find shiny Pokemon in Pokemon platinum, yet there is a action replay code which I can't locate at the moment may I recommend using .

All Pokemon have a "Shiny Type*". There is a 1 in 8921 chance of getting that shiny in the wild. Finding them depends on Luck, time grinding, and patience. find a Pokemon you want as a shiny, and find an area where that Pokemon is most common, and run through grass until you find them. *Note that a shiny Pokemon doesnt have any better stats, only different looks The chance of catching a Shiny Pokemon can be improved if you use the Pokeradar

To find a shiny stone in platinum you have to dig in the underground tunnel.

Find on the ground in some places, have a Pokemon with pickup or in the underground :)

you cheat but try to find them with the poke radar

you cant find a shiny magikarp that is the only Pokemon that cant be shiney i own every Pokemon that is shiny no normal legends and starters all them BUT NOT MAGIKARP

that is because finding a shiny Pokemon is very rare... you have less than a 1/8000 chance of finding 1

It's random, you can find it in the wild or belonging to other trainers (which would be unfortunate). According to the chances of finding a shiny Pokemon are 1 in 8,191.

there is none you just have to find one and theres not much chance of it

Well, your chances of finding a wild shiny pokemon are 1 in 8192 sooo to answer your question... a VERY VERY long time.

It's mainly luck if you find a shiny Pokemon in Black. I was lucky and found a shiny Onix (yay) in Pokemon Platinum, but it's really rare. You're more likely to have your Pokemon get Pokerus (long story) than you are to find a shiny Pokemon. my best advice is to just go out and search grass like crazy. and FYI, i had played my Platinum game for more than 200 hours before i found the onix. ~Akiza

In order to find ditto in Pokemon Platinum, you must go to the Pokemon Mansion on Route 212 and talk to Mr. Backlot. He will tell you that he saw a certain Pokemon in his Trophy Garden.

You can find cheats for shiny Pokemon on action replay or ether try breeding a Pokemon over and over again until you get one but its really rare chance

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