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Yes Pokemon platnium is the third game in the generation VI games go to Bulbipedia for more info

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there are no new Pokemon species on platnium, but there are new formes for rotom, giratina, and shaymin.

platnium and dimond and pearl

only in japan and china but its only for gameboy color! i wouldn't buy it either its graphics stink and Giratina is the only new Pokemon.Answeronly in japan and china but its only for gameboy color! i wouldn't buy it either its graphics stink and Giratina is the only new Pokemon. there is a game out now [ June 19 2009 ] that is called Pokemon platinum with giratina as its mascot idiots

there is no cheat for platnium because the game is new , so there is no cheat

No you can't because it is a new Pokemon

The events for Shaymin are no longer supported for Pokemon Platinum. This is the same for all other events as support for a Pokemon game stops as a new one comes out.

yes Shayman (male) and rotom in his 5 new forms plus a difrent giratina

There are no new ones, just new formes for Giratina, Shaymin and Rotom.

after you beat the game there will be a new passage on one of the routs

a new Pokemon game like emerald and yellow you can get new Pokemon in it the comfirmed ones are shaymin: sky forme and giratina: origin forme

only one sort a you the origin form of giratina and new rotom formns but that is it

there are no new Pokemon in platinum exept origin giratina and shaymin skyform

the same with 5 forms of rotom and 2 forms of giratina and a new shaymin

Giratina will have 2 new forms and Shaymin will have a Sky Form. There are 5 new Pokemon coming out. Since it's just a remake it probably won"t

Yes but the game is called Pokemon Platnium It features Giratinas Orion form. Please visit for more info.

the new Pokemon are the legendaries Giratina,Darkrai,and Arceus.

Well they are the same, but Rotom has 5 other forms and Giratina has his other form!

The origin forme of giratina is a transformation of giratina, not an entirely new pokemon, so it shares its pokedex entry with Alternate Form Giratina. Thus if you want to look for its pokedex entry, go into the national dex and look for Giratina.

Platnium isn't out here yet but unless Nintendo made a new HM then I would say: NO!!

You can't get Giratina on Pokemon Pearl. Or Pokemon Diamond. It is introduced in Pokemon Platinum, as one of the 100 or so new Pokemon introduced. Too bad. Buy a version of Platinum.

finish the Pokemon league and go to the spring path you will see a new cave go in the cave it changes so just wander

In concern to Diamond and Pearl, Platinum offers no new Pokemon, but offers 2 new forms of Legendary Pokemon, Shaymin and Giratina and 5 new forms of Rotom, the Ghost Pokemon. If you are retaking up the series again there are now 493 Pokemon in this version, with most being obtainable trough normal means.

After beating the Pokemon league, a new destination will appear on your map, turn back cave. Go into Turnback cave and keep traveling deeper into the cave. If you find the 3 pillars before you go into 30 rooms, in the next room, Giratina will appear. Giratina is extremely powerful and you will need to have some pretty tough Pokemon to take him down. He will be at level 70.

No, u cant. Girgatina is from the new games, it was not even made when emerald was realeased.

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