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you have to get hm whirlpool


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No, Shock Wave can't cause paralysis in any of the games.

By TM, Lugia can learn Thunderbolt, Thunder, Shock Wave, Charge Beam, and Thunder Wave.

You need the Silver Wing, (you get it after you beat Team Rocket at the radio station) and the Wave Bell (you get it from the Kimono girls after you collect all 8 badges)

TM73 Thunder Wave can be bought at the Battle Frontier shop.

In Pokémon SoulSilver in order to get to Lugia, you need to beat Team Rocket in the Radio Tower and you'll receive the Silver Feather and then you'll need to get the Wave Bell from the Kimono Girls after you've defeated the 8 Johto Gym Leaders. Take the Silver Feather and the Wave Bell to the Whirl Islands. When you reach the bottommost floor in the Whirl Islands, Lugia will appear.

Soul wave length is beyond our perception and parameters.

Soul has got wave length, beyond our scope.

I dont think there is a move called heat wave in the game firered.AnswerHeat Wave is a move in Pokemon FireRed. However, it cannot be taught to a Pokemon via a TM or move tutor. Pokemon must reach a certain level which they learn Heat Wave naturally. The Pokemon who can learn Heat Wave include: Charizard, Moltres (level 73) and Torkoal (level 46). Through breeding, Vulpix, Growlithe and Slugma may also learn Heat Wave. get 2 tinymushrooms from paras and go to island 2 and there is a guy in a house that teaches heat wave to charizard

with a TM that's not true, there is no TM for heat wave, you need to go to the battle frontier gate and go into the house underneath the Pokemon center, there, you will find 3 guys who will teach your Pokemon battle point moves for battle points. Talk to the top- right guy, and he will teach you moves like heat wave, gunk shot, outrage, mud slap, and rollout the left hand guy will teach moves like the elemental punches, vacuum wave, icy wind, and dive the right- down guy is the worst, he'll teach you spite, synthesis, tailwind, and grudge

In Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Heart Gold, and Pokemon Soul Silver, you can obtain a free Dratini in the Dragon's Den in Blackthorn City after defeating Clair, the Gym Leader of Blackthorn who uses Dragon-types. There is a building inside the Den where you will find a small group of elders. The head elder will ask you questions if you approach him; after they are answered, he will give you a Dratini with no strings attached. It will know Thunder Wave, Twister, and Dragon Rage. One more thing: if you answer the elder's questions with compassionate responses, your Dratini will know Extremespeed as its fourth move. If not, its fourth move will be Leer.

You can not find the TM for shock wave in pokemon BW, but a pokemon can leared by a pokemon (Eg. Blitzle Lv.11).

no such thing in Pokemon

Staraptor can't learn Heat Wave... Only Fire-Type Pokemon can.

How to get thunder wave on pokemon gold you can go in dragons den and there you can catch draniti who already knows thunderwave

umm NO! do the wave is certainly just a glitch, which is very rare for lucario's... you are actually very very lucky

You can not buy or find the TM Heat Wave anywhere simply because the TM does not exist, nor can you learn it from a tutor. Heat wave can be learned when Charizard or Moltres hit level 73, or you can collect mushrooms from a Paras and give them to the guy on 2 Island, and he will teach your Charizard

It depends on what Pokemon you're using. Rock Polish is good for sweeper Pokemon, while Thunder Wave is good for staller/annoyer Pokemon.

Pop, pop rock, soul, blue-eyed soul, New Wave, R&B, electronica

heat wave............i dunno,but trick room mime.jr,mr.mime,dustclops and many other pokemon can use it.

no it is just a huge wave under water :(

Bellow unintelligibly. But, intonate, wave and gesture righteousnous into your soul.

You can buy the TM Thunder wave in the Goldenrod City Department store.

The Mizuno wave lightning 5 does come in other colors. These colors include yellow, red, green, black, and silver.

a big wave come from a boat

Here are two Pokemon Moves that can Paralyze Pokemon: Shock Wave and sometimes Body Slam.

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