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Pokemon where is Kanto on diamond?


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Kanto is a region, Diamond is set in a completely different region called Sinnoh. You cannot reach Kanto from Sinnoh.


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You can't, the Kanto region is unavailable in Pokémon Diamond.

You cannot get to hoenn and kanto region on Pokemon diamond, because it is Shinno. In Pokemon Heard Gold and Soul Silver to can get to kanto, but not to hoenn. You have to have a special code to get hoenn.

mostly kanto and pokemon from Diamond, Pearl, Platinum

No, you cannot. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are in Sinnoh only.

No, Kanto is not available in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. The only games that allow players to arrive in Kanto from a different region are Pokemon Silver, Gold, Crystal, SoulSilver, and HeartGold.

You can't go to Kanto, but if you have fire red or leaf green you can migrate your kanto Pokemon through the pal park. ^^^^^ YOUR F****NG WRONG!!! you can if you beat your rival 2000 times and have national-dex and beat Pokemon league!!!

No because it is a sinnoh Pokemon not a kanto, johto, or hoenn

No you cant. But you can trade and migrate from other games.

find them.on any route.they're scattered all over the sinnoh and kanto region

find it in the lost city in kanto look on u tube and tipe Pokemon hack find it in the lost city in kanto look on u tube and tipe Pokemon hack

There are some Kanto Pokemon you can find in the wild like Magikarp, Geodude (breaking rocks), Zubat, Golbat, Sandshrew, etc. Other than that, you'll HAVE to migrate from LeafGreen or FireRed.

You don't, its a KANTO region Pokemon! But, if you have a GBA game like Pokemon Sapphire or emerald, you can import Pokemon like vulpix into your diamond game. OR you can trade at the global trade station or have a friend trade if they have a vulpix! From a Pokemon Master

to do this i think its just like diamond/pearl so beat your rival 500 times to get to hoenn 1000 times to get to kanto and 1500 times to get to jhoto

You can't go to the Kanto region in Pokemon platinum you can get a few Pokemon from Kanto in tall grass.

some fire Pokemon, vulpix or just look in your game and don't be lazy.Also in diamond once you entered firered in the slot migrate your Pokemon if the regions kanto or hoenn then enter pal park in diamond and you'll get to enter a show then you will be able to catch Pokemon from firered there.

Yes as long as you are trading only Johto and Kanto before you acquire the National Dex.

you can't you can only get in Pokemon diamond, pearl, and platinum versions or some how get it in the kanto region

no, in Pearl as well as Diamond and Platinum, you can only be in the Sinnoh region

mount moon isn't in Pokemon diamond. it would be in FR and LGMount moon is located in Kanto, not Sinnoh where Diamond is set. You may be thinking of Mt. Coronet which is accessible from Orebrough or Hearthome city.

kanto is not in diamond i assume that you mean fire red/ leaf green because that is Kanto in which case i belive so

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