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you need a action replay cheat code and the action replay.

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What is a event shaymin?

It is a shaymin that came from an event and is legit. Not hacked. A lot are.

Can you get a Shaymin in diamond whithout the Nintendo Event?

Go to youtube and write "Pokemon Diamond and Pearl-HOW TO CATCH DARKRAI-WITHOUT ACTION REPLAY-TWEAKING GLITCH". It works! See for yourself.

Will the gracidia flower work on your shaymin that you got with AR or does it have to be an event shaymin?


How do you get the glacadias flower from floaroma town?

You need to have an event Shaymin in order to get a Gracidea flower from the lady with the blond hair in Floaroma Town. The event Shaymin can be any event Shaymin as long as it's legit however it must be an actual event as in a Shaymin that was downloaded directly into your game like the Japanese movie event Shaymin or the Toys 'R" Us event Shaymin.

Can you get shaymin in the johto safari zone?

No, you cannot get Shaymin in the Johto safari zone. Shaymin can only be obtained by event. Since every Shaymin event has passed, you cannot even get Shaymin in the game.

How do you get shaymin in pokemonplatnium?

you have to go to a Nintendo event and then you will get the Shaymin.

Where to get shaymin in Pokemon HeartGold?

shaymin is an event pokemon

When do you get shaymin?

get it by event

Is a shaymin that was caught at flower paradise an event shaymin?


How do you get the gracidea for shaymin?

In DP, go to the flower shop. The shaymin MUST be an event shaymin. :3

Is there another shaymin event?


Can you turn a normal shaymin into an event shaymin?

Sorry, you can't. D:

You got a shaymin from an event in pearl and traded it to platinum but the lady wont give you the flower why?

because it is not an event shaymin

Do you have to have an event shaymin to get the flower and get shaymin in sky form in Pokemon platinum?

yes or get the oak's letter from the event which past

Is there any way you can get a Shiny Shaymin without using both the Shiny Code and the Shaymin Event plus can you get Shiny Shaymin if you already have Shaymin?


What event will come after regigigas event in platinum?

shaymin then after shaymin the first legendary Pokemon ARCEUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and also chicken butt

How do you get a shaymin in Pokemon peal?

you get shaymin in Pokemon pearl by a event comming soon.

Why wont your shaymin turn into flying form on Pokemon platinum?

Is it the shaymin from the glitch or the shaymin from the event because only the event shaymin turns into sky shaymin. Also, did you get the flower from the one girl standing outside in floroma town? because you use it to switch forms.

How do you get shemin?

its shaymin and its only an event

How do you get a shaymin on Pokemon Platinum?


Is shaymin an event Pokemon?


What is the event you get shaymin?

Oak's Letter.

How do you get shaymin on pokemon daimond?

you can obtain shaymin by a cheat device or a special wifi event.

In Pokemon Platinum how do you get the gracidea flower?

Shaymin event or Shaymin cought in Pokemon Platinum

How do you do a shaymin event in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

--Arceusoxys awnserd ©---Does Shaymin Exist in there?