Pomo Indians customs

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The Pomo Indians have lived in California for hundreds of years and still practice their ancient customs. The head of each family is a chief and the position is passed down from father to son. Midwives help during childbirth. They believe shamans had magical powers to cure, and they make baskets using willow shoots and decorated with feathers and beads.

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Q: Pomo Indians customs
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What are the pomo Indians customs?

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Where are the pomo Indians from?

the pomo Indians are from sanfrancisco

What pomo clothes looked like?

my kid has a project to do about the pomo Indians tribe,and i need some answears about the life and beliefs, customs, and other detailes of this tribe

What has the author Vera-Mae Fredrickson written?

Vera-Mae Fredrickson has written: 'Mihilakawna and Makahmo Pomo' -- subject(s): History, Indians of North America, Pomo Indians, Social life and customs

What do the pomo Indians live in?

The Pomo Indians live in a Pomo hut . They are vry round.

Who was the enemies of pomo Indians and why?

The pomo Indians were enemies with the Aztec and Maya Indians

Were do the pomo Indians live?

The Pomo Indians live in California.

What was the population of the Pomo Indians?

The population of the pomo indians is 1,789

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What did the Pomo Indians live in?

The Pomo Indians lived in huts made out of straw.

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The Pomo Indians had the Navajo Indians for enemies.