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Q: Population of student who dont like uniforms?
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What percentage of kids dont like school uniforms?

about 24% of kids who don't like to wear uniforms

Do students like wearing uniforms?

Me being a student, no. Some uniforms are ok but for the most part no we like having the freedom to wear anything.

How many people like school uniforms?

It seems like alot of adults likes school uniforms put most kids dont

What is a good thesis statement for a paper on school uniforms?

i have notice that to many people dont like wearing the school uniforms becuase they dont like wearing only two colores everyday.

Does students enjoy wearing uniforms?

Me as a student i do'nt like wearing uniforms ,so does my friends .Wearing uniforms is really annoying when schools gives uniforms students don't have the freedom do show they're fashion ways they really dress

How many students like or dislike school uniforms?

Almost no student likes having a school uniform.

Should high school students be forced to wear uniforms?

"Forced" is an odd way of putting it. If a student has enrolled at a school that requires uniforms, it seems that the student has accepted the requirement. If following the school's procedures are not acceptable to the student, the student needs to think about other school options. no because what's the point of wearing school uniforms when you can go to school without a uniform? wearing school uniforms feels like your in jail., but in school. >.< Lolz O.O >.< >//////< O//////O

How have people that wear uniforms felt?

I dont really like wearing uniforms because everyone looks the same, i would rather wear my own clothes.

Does Gaara like matsuri?

He does Like her as a student but i dont really know if he loves her.

Can a student from Pakistan get scholarship?

no because they dont like helpping people

Why are student cutting classes?

because they dont like the teacher...aww

How does uniforms help schoo?

I dont think uniforms help schools, i think children should beable to wear what they want, just like in france, their is nothing wrong with their school is there...

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