Portland Oregon to John Day Oregon in miles?


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There are 274 miles from Portland, Oregon to John Day, Oregon.

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From Portland Oregon to Washington DC is 2,809 miles which will take one day and 22 hours.

According to Google Maps, driving from Kansas City to Portland would take you across 1,801 miles, or about 1 day and 2 hours.

This question is hard to answer because daffodils are so beloved in Oregon.Amity, Oregon has a 2-day festival and educational program in cooperation with the Oregon Daffodil SocietyJunction City, Oregon has a 2-day festival celebrating the miles and miles of blooms from Ferguson Road and outward.Portland, Oregon has the 2-day Pacific Regional Show highlighting daffodils and rhododendrons.

Distance:The driving distance between New York, New York and Portland, Oregon is 2,895 mi - about 1 day 19 hours.The direct distance between New York and Portland is 2449 miles (3941 km). Flight:New York, NY (NYC) to Portland, OR (PDX)Flight Duration 6 hours 7 mins

Most schools in Portland, Oregon start their first day in September. Typically right after Labor Day.

Never heard of it. There is A John Day, Oregon, though.

The driving distance from Portland to Portland is 3,190 mi - about 1 day 23 hours.

There are 68 sunny days a year in Portland, Oregon. On a nice sunny day in July, it can rich a high off 79 degrees and humid.

The Woodburn Walmart is not open Christmas day.

Its Oregon. Its random every day. Ive seen it rain with no clouds in the sky at all. Literaly

A day and a half so it depends on the second day if it will arive or not

One person could drive from Flagstaff to Oregon in a day, but it would not be advised. The trip to Portland, OR is about 1280 miles which would take about 22 hours driving non-stop. It is ill advised to drive that many hours without rest breaks.

The strongest storm believed to have impacted Oregon was the Columbus Day storm, bringing 100 mph winds to the downtown Portland area!

The distance between the above mentioned places is 1951 miles approximately. The distance is straight path from one place to another place. There might be slight difference between the actual distance and the above mentioned distance because of the route chosen.

The address of the John Day Historical Preservation Foundation Inc is: Po Box 367, John Day, OR 97845

Flight:Portland, OR (PDX) to New York, NY (NYC)Flight Duration 4 hours 55 minsDistance:The driving distance between Portland, Oregon and New York, New York is 2,895 mi - about 1 day 19 hours.The direct distance between Portland and New York is 2449 miles (3941 km).

Driving the distance is 2,122 mi – about 1 day 6 hours.A straight line from Portland OR to Chicago IL is 1756 miles (2827 km).

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