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French not the official language of French Polynesia

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Q: Pourquoi les premier nations vivait dans Canada?
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What does viviat la bas mean?

,are you sure it is viviat and not vivait ??Because ... vivait là-bas = He lived (was living ) there.voilà!Denise

Leanardo da vinci c'est qui d'ou vient-ilOu vivait-it Quand a-t-il vecu Des choses importants qu'il a fait comment il a changer le monde et pourquoi on le connait aujourd'hui- please answewr those?

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What has the author Jacques Donvez written?

Jacques Donvez has written: 'Paris' -- subject(s): Pictorial works 'La politique de Beaumarchais' -- subject(s): Political and social views 'De quoi vivait Voltaire?'

What has the author Francis Dumont written?

Francis Dumont has written: 'De quoi vivait Lamartine' 'Beaumont en Hainaut' -- subject(s): History 'Quand Beaumont appartenait au Grand Roi' -- subject(s): History

How do you say lived in french?

French has two past tenses--the imperfect (l'imparfait) and the compound past (le passé composé). The first is generally used for ongoing states of being and the second is used for events with no connection to the present. imparfait of vivre (to live): je vivais tu vivais il, elle, on vivait nous vivions vous viviez ils, elles vivaient passé composé of vivre: j'ai vécu tu as vécu il, elle, on a vécu nous avons vécu vous avez vécu ils, elles ont vécu

What are pourquoi?

Pourquoi means "why".

Who s the premier of Canada?

There is no Premier of Canada. Each Province has a Premier. The country as a whole has a Prime Minister (currently in 2015 , Stephen Harper)

What is the English word of pourquoi?

pourquoi = why

What does pourquoi mean in english?

"pourquoi" = "why"

Who is the premier of province or territory of Canada?

Canada consists of ten provinces and three territories, each of which has a premier as the head of government. In alberta, currently it is premier, Alison Redford

Who were the nations who founded Canada?

The nations that founded Canada were England and France.

What does pourquoi means in French?

Pourquoi means 'why' in French.

What do they call the leader of a province in Canada?


What does pourquoi mean?

Why?Pour=For, quoi=what, pourquoi=for what, which is essentially "why."The definition is "Why".

When was Pourquoi IsraΓ«l created?

Pourquoi Israël was created in 1973.

What actors and actresses appeared in Les pourquoi de Mr. Pourquoi - 1995?

The cast of Les pourquoi de Mr. Pourquoi - 1995 includes: Arnaud Gidoin as Monsieur Pourquoi Isabelle Tanakil Philippe Vandel Xavier Vilsek

Which country was First Premier Bank founded in?

The country that the First Premier Bank was founded in was Canada.

Who is the premier of the Northwest Territories of Canada?

The current premier (as of 07/08/13) is Bob McLeod.

Quand ce que comment et pourquoi?

pourquoi est "why"

What is the meaning of Pourquoi Rire?

Pourquoi rire translates as 'why laugh' in English.

What is the population of First Nations Bank of Canada?

The population of First Nations Bank of Canada is 2,009.

When was First Nations Bank of Canada created?

First Nations Bank of Canada was created in 1996.

When was First Nations University of Canada created?

First Nations University of Canada was created in 1976.

Did Canada join the league of nations?

Yes. In 1920 Canada joined the League of Nations as a full member. Yes. In 1920 Canada joined the League of Nations as a full member.

What does pourquoi ta l'a demande mean?

pourquoi ta l'a demande