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normaly its a bad switch on top of the pulldown actuator, it's held down by 1 torx head screw. repaired by replacing the switch

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Q: Power trunk lid will not close What do you do?
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How do you adjust trunk tension on Lincoln Town Car?

The power trunk lid has to be activated by pushing the trunk release button on the remote twice. to close the trunk,, do like wise.

How do I put my TV in my 1986 Chrysler Fifth Avenue trunk?

You'll need to open the trunk lid first. Insert TV. Close trunk lid.

Where is the solenoid for the power trunk release located on a 1999 Chrysler concord?

its on the trunk lid.. in the center of the lid.. where it latches

Why a trunk lid will not close?

It is possible the trunk latch has been tripped with trunk up. Use your key fob/remote trunk release on inside and pop trunk. Now try and close. Please let me know if this helps.

What does it mean when your dECk light comes on in a 2009 Chrysler sebring convertible?

The trunk lid is open.The trunk lid is open.

What does a deck warning light on a dodge mean?

Trunk (deck lid) is open.Trunk (deck lid) is open.

What does dECk mean on 2008 dodge avenger?

The trunk lid is open or the trunk ajar switch has malfunctioned

2020 kia optima trunk release?

To open the trunk lid without using the key, pull up the trunk lid release lever. To open the trunk lid, insert the key and turn it clockwise to unlock. The trunk compartment light will illuminate when the trunk lid is

Why do you get water in your trunk of your 1996 Subaru Legacy Outback?

If I did it would be because there is a flaw in the gasket that seals the trunk lid. To find it take a flashlight and have an assistant with keys close you in the trunk. Have your assistant run water from a hose over the trunk lid while you look at the seal from inside. You will find your leak.

Trunk latch will not close park ave 1994?

If your car has a power close mechanism like my 91 Park Ave used to I would recommend taking it to a body shop and have them weld the striker in place. The pull down mechanism is so finely balanced that if you slam the lid a little too hard it will throw the alignment off (between the latch and the striker)and the lid will not close or not close properly. In my case the lid would open at the most inopportune moment, usually on the highway. You should still be able to use the remote entry to open the lid, however I haven't got around to reconnecting mine. . I am a "do-it-yourselfer". I will try to fix almost anything. The power trunk latch on my mom's 94 stopped pulling the trunk lid down so I assumed the motor was bad. It was not the motor. It was the switch. I bought the trunk lid switch from the dealer, installed it and it has been working perfectly ever since. . Welding is not necessary. My 94 power close motor failed. I didn't care for the feature to begin with, so I manually turned the motor gear into the closed position, and now I just slam the trunk like any normal person. The open switch still works, but if it didn't, I could just use the key.

How do you open trunk no power?

battery has no power where are the charging points 05 chrsler 300 touring sirknightlee357: Fold down the rear seat, crawl through to the rear of the trunk and pull the emergency release on the trunk lid.

Where is the deck lid on a 2004 Chevy Impala?

your trunk lid

Why is the deck light staying on Chrysler Sebring?

The trunk lid is open or the ajar switch has malfunctioned.The trunk lid is open or the ajar switch has malfunctioned.

Adjust a loose trunk lid on a 2002 sunfire?

By loose, do you mean that the trunk lid won't close snugly?My '96 has two rubber "feet" mounted on the body. These sort of cushion the trunk lid when it's closed. They are adjustable by screwing them in or out. If you have them on your car, you might try messin' with them. If one or both are missing, you can probably find them in a junk yard. That reminds me, I have one missing on my car. I adjusted the other one and now my trunk lid at least closes fairly dependably.FriPilot

How do you open trunk with no power on 2006 Chevy Cobalt?

use your key in the trunk lid. you can also pull back seat down and open latch from inside.

Trunk lid open warning light remains on when the trunk is shut on a 1989 sundance?

open trunk lid and locate the trunk light switch.push switch to see if light goes off. if light does not go off, replace switch. if light does go off, adjust switch to where trunk lid operates switch when trunk is closed

How do you replace trunk lid springs on a 1983 Mercedes 380sl?

How do you replace trunk lid springs on a 107 body 1983 mercedes 380sl?

How do get in trunk if battery dead on 2000 jaguar?

Does it not have a key lock on the trunk lid.

Where are battery terminals for 1998 Mercedes Benz clk 320?

Under the hood or in the trunk. If your battery is in the trunk there is a positive terminal under the hood in a plastic box in front of the driver. You can use this terminal to get electrical power to the car, if the battery is dead. You will need to find a metal ground (or negative terminal) anywhere on the engine or metal frame. Do not use this terminal to start the car, only to give power to the door locks and the trunk lid. Do not close the trunk lid if you remove the battery from the trunk as you will be forced to use your metal key in the lock and those work only after you have created a completely new vocabulary of four letter words.

What is a decklid on a 2001 intrepid?

the trunk lid.

Where is the deck lid in a car?

That would be the trunk lid. In most vehicles that would be in the back.

Where in the trunk of the 1999 540I BMW would the tire lock be?

There's a whole toolkit including the tire lock on the inside of the lid of the trunk. When you open the trunk lid, look up not down. :)

How do you remove the tail light assembly from the trunk lid?

Sunfire trunk lid bulbsOn the 2000 Sunfire and similar models it appears the entire red and black cover that is mounted on the trunk lid must be removed from inside of trunk lid by removing 8 nuts which are visible through holes in the interior of the lid .The tail light,brake and signal all take a 3057 bulb GM number or a CTC 3157.

How do you install a BSI bike rack?

To install a BSI bike rack, open the trunk. Attach the two top straps to the trunk lid and close the trunk. Then adjust the straps so that the two lower straps will fit on the bottom of the trunk lid near the key hole. The bike rack should sit level with the ground. Tighten down all of the straps so that it does not wobble.

Where is the power trunk relay switch located on a 95 cadillac sedan deville?

the guts of the whole operation are under the trunk pull-down cover--the latch on the trunk LID is ONLY THE RELEASE UNIT. Good luck